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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/22/2018 - 7/28/2018

Net Zero Energy Buildings: Success Stories

Gundersen Health Systems in Wisconsin has come close to achieving net zero energy for its network hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes through a combination of conservation, geothermal energy, solar photovoltaics, solar hot water, biomass and other methods.

Read This » Handheld Tools That Meet the Needs of Grounds Staff

Specifying handheld grounds equipment that meets the needs of grounds crews leads to less fatigue, lower costs, and higher productivity.

Read This » Sustainability Factors for Utility Vehicle Specification

Sustainability considerations have an impact on the department’s decisions when purchasing utility vehicles, including the choice of fuel type. “Electric units have improved, but so have the diesel and gas versions, so it’s still all about right equipment for the right job,” Kovolyan says.

Read This » Choose Your Own Demand Response: 3 Categories

Most demand response programs fall into one of three general categories.

Read This » Location and Timing: Keys to Successful Cooling System Upgrade

Equipment location is key to optimizing performance.

Read This » Proper Grounds Tools Can Lead to Greater Productivity

Effective specification of handheld grounds equipment involves much more than assessing a product’s first cost.

Read This » The Disconnect Between Maintenance and Design

Here’s a concept that works: Listen to the people responsible for maintenance of a new institutional or commercial facility during the planning and design process for that facility. For years, maintenance and engineering managers have preached this message to anyone involved in building design who would listen.

Read This » Broadband Infrastructure for Commercial Buildings: Technology Options

It is undeniable that widespread deployment of burgeoning technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) is imminent and will change both public and private sector functions in ways that we cannot yet fully imagine.

Read This » Demand Response 101: How To Get Paid To Cut Power Use

Programs that pay power customers to reduce their electric loads are expanding and becoming more sophisticated.

Read This » Power at Hand: Specifying Handheld Ground Tools

Mowers and utility vehicles get much of the attention in grounds departments, which is understandable, given the central role these pieces of equipment play in daily activities.

Read This » Roofing Myths Busted: Design

A building’s roof is its first line of protection against the elements of rain, sun, and wind, but it is usually the last thing a building owner thinks about until there is a problem.

Read This » How to Specify Portable Cooling for Facility Needs

The process of selecting portable cooling units does not start with checking out the features and functions of the latest products.

Read This » Why Cool Roofing Is Important To Energy Efficiency Goals

When facility executives start planning energy efficiency projects, usually the first things on the agenda are HVAC systems and lighting.

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