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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/16/2020 - 8/22/2020

4 Common Causes of Generator or Switchgear Downtime

Standby engine generators (code-required emergency and optional) are normally idle and need to quickly and reliably start when utility power fails for more than a few seconds.

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Read This » Training and Certification Requirements for Maintaining Fire Alarm Systems

Only qualified and experienced service personnel are permitted to perform inspection, testing and maintenance.

Read This » Lessons Learned about Occupant Satisfaction During the Pandemic

Though it is still early, facility managers have already learned some valuable lessons about measuring occupant experience and gauging the effectiveness of coronavirus health and safety measures.

Read This » How to Plan HVAC Systems for Long-Term Performance

Few decisions made during the design process for a new building or a renovation project impact long-term operating costs as much as those made concerning the HVAC systems.

Read This » Rethinking Restroom Sanitation Practices During the Pandemic

The resurgence of COVID-19 in many areas where cases had been declining means managers and their employees have more work to do to establish and perform preventive measures.

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