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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/11/2022 - 9/17/2022

Promoting Employee Wellness Through Design

McGough Construction has served the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest more than 60 years.

Read This » Repair, Recover or Replace? Making the Smartest Roofing Decision

aintenance and engineering managers face a tough choice when deciding whether to repair, recover or replace an existing roofing system.

Read This » Electric Mowing Equipment Comes of Age

ising fuel costs, together with stricter environmental standards and the Great Resignation, have ratcheted up the pressure on grounds managers as they plan and review mowing programs.   Indeed, as mowing season begins to fade in various parts of the country, managers are reassessing their fleets and are already working on plans for 2023.  Determining new equipment to keep the grounds of institutional and commercial facilities looking pristine while meeting budgets can be daunting.  Mower options — from ride-on, standard ride-on and zero-turn models to lawn tractors, garden tractors, walk-behind, self-propelled, push, hover and even robotic — continue to expand, and the labor shortage has prompted more managers to consider commercial robotic lawn mowers for their fleets.  Though more expensive, electric mowers reduce exhaust emissions and noise, meaning crew members can experience a healthier work environment.

Read This » Commercial Lighting Rebates Evolve

ldquo;Money on the table.”  That’s how utility rebates are often described.

Read This » 5 Indications Your Campus Needs a Master Facilities Plan

acility managers often spend a lot of their days putting out fires and don’t always have the luxury or the freedom to shift from being reactive to proactive.

Read This » What to Look Out for When Upgrading Windows

indows are a crucial, though sometimes underrated, part of a facility’s energy efficiency strategy.

Read This » Sustainable Guidelines for Snow and Ice Management

ustainability and snow and ice management are two terms that have recently become interconnected as a forward-thinking strategy known as sustainable winter management (SWiM).

Read This » Putting the ‘MacGyver’ in Maintenance

How creative are you?  I'm not talking about singing, dancing or writing poetry, which are all fine activities.

Read This » Collaboration Among Managers Keeps Students, Staff Safer

t was almost as if the world stopped moving when 18 children and two teachers were killed in the Uvalde, Texas, Robb Elementary school shooting in late May.

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