Actionable Data - The New Currency

What Keeps Businesses from Leveraging Actionable Data? Facility management data alone does not add value. It merely provides a means of tracking an event or consequence, yet data is an asset. Like the crude oil of the past, it must be refined through software-enabled intelligence for multi-site maintenance and management. Assumptions based on inaccurate or outdated data will result in poor outcomes. It is the same premise as paying with a $100 and only getting change for a $20 on a purchase.

Learning Objectives:

1. Challenges in using data for facilities management: • Limited financial resources
2. Challenges in using data for facilities management: • Systems are more complex than ever before
3. Challenges in using data for facilities management: • Data security is a paramount concern
4. How Does Actionable Data Translate Into Savings and Cost Avoidance Revenue? Actionable facilities management data provides a specific and clear path toward financial success and a renewed commitment to sustainable practices in your organization.

Session Details

Start Time: 11/13/2019 3:45:00 PM

End Time: 11/13/2019 4:45:00 PM

Presented By:

Tom Kay
Vice President

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Room Number: 230 C

Audience: Intermediate

CEU: 0.1

Track: Technology Trends

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