The Energy Management Association announced that the Orlando Mayor's Office of Sustainability & Resiliency has notified the association that those carrying its Energy Management Professional (EMP) Certification have been named as "Qualified Benchmarkers" in relation to their Building Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy policy.


The Energy Management Association's EMP program features a commissioning-based energy management system that emphasizes both energy savings and building optimization. As such, it is very attractive to building and facility owners and managers. In addition to the traditional audit activities, the system factors in issues such as occupant comfort, code compliance and owner goals into recommendations for energy retrofits. We also thoroughly cover post-implementation activities such as M&V, ongoing commissioning, and maintenance staff training in the seminar.

Top 5 Reasons to Become EMP Certified

  • ANSI Accredited & Recognized by DOE's Better Buildings® Workforce Program.
  • Commissioning-based process produces maximum energy efficiency and building performance.
  • Meets "Qualified Energy Auditor" requirement for new ASHRAE 211 Commercial Building Audit Standard.
  • Supported by largest network of independent certified commissioning providers in the world.
  • Recognized by cities, states and utilities as a qualifying credential to perform energy-related work.

Download the EMP Handbook for more information about the program, including eligibility requirements, the exam "blueprint" and a sample exam.


Robert Knoedler

Robert Knoedler, P.E., CxA, EMP, serves as the principal-in-charge at Hanson Professional Services Inc. for building commissioning and energy services both nationally and internationally. His expertise is in the analysis, design and commissioning of mechanical (HVAC, plumbing, fire protection) and electrical (lighting and power distribution) building systems. He has worked extensively with various public agencies and private corporations, with regards to the study and design of engineering systems for a wide variety of facilities.

Michael Hartley.jpg

Michael R. Hartley, P.E., CxA, EMP, LEED AP, is a Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager at Matern Professional Engineering. He has over 28 years of experience in the study, analysis, design and commissioning of HVAC systems and the performance of energy assessments and analysis. His extensive project experience includes K-12 and higher educational and support facilities; federal, state and local government administrative and correctional facilities; indoor and outdoor sports and recreation facilities; and a wide variety of other private commercial and industrial facilities.

"Being an EMP enabled me to grow within my own organization. They are able to sell my expertise and really push forward our energy services practice to our clients. It has served both me and my company well."

Alok Kumar, P.E., EMP,
Director of Energy Services, Nika

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