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Building Managers of the Future - Building Data Analysts

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10/25/2023 3:45:00 PM

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10/25/2023 4:45:00 PM

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As buildings become more complicated, so does the role of the Facility Manager. The FMs of today are expected to be strong data analysts to supplement their ability to ensure safe operation and maintenance of their facilities. In addition to historically relevant skills like operations, maintenance, project management, and administration, the role of Facility Manager increasingly commands an understanding of network engineering, computer science, data analysis, cybersecurity, and building sciences. Through this presentation, Steve aims to help attendees understand the future scope of the Facility Manager role, identify skills to prioritize within their organizations, determine appropriate roles to outsource, and be able to advise their organizations on these considerations.

1. Identify the core competencies the facility manager needs.
2. Understand key costs for training and tools the facility manager of the future needs.
3. Recognize what tasks to outsource and which are essential to keep in-house.
4. Learn to build facility teams that know how to monitor, analyze, and action energy data.

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FM Tech

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