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From Gas to Electric: The Future of Landscape Maintenance

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10/25/2023 9:10:00 AM

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10/25/2023 10:10:00 AM

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As of late, many states have already begun the movement of transitioning equipment and cars from being gas operated to electric. With this movement taking full force in states such as California as early as 2024, many facility managers are not ready for this transition in its entirety. As more states sign similar policies, it is a race against the clock to conform with regulatory and environmental requirements. This panel is a preparation and education session that is led by Roger Phelps of STIHL Inc. During this time, he, with panel guest Dan Mabe of the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), will provide information on the latest developments in battery technology, energy management, and education programs to help the audience understand the challenges and opportunities involved with switching to electric equipment. Roger will be able to help the audience understand how companies like STIHL are developing battery equipment with gas-comparable performance, and discuss considerations and questions to help FM professionals make the best choices. Dan and AGZA are at the forefront of the battery conversion movement. Dan regularly works with legislative and regulatory entities advocating for a responsible transition to battery equipment, and has developed a number of different programs to assist landscape companies, municipalities, and facilities in making the transition. Both speakers will then engage in an open Q&A session to allow the audience time to express their concerns and attain advice on how they can best begin this process.

1. Understand industry policies currently being implemented related to the conversion from gas to electric.
2. Gain resources and contacts to assist in the conversion to electric.
3. Identify the necessary steps to adapt to gas bans.
4. Identify contacts best suited to assist the attendee's organzation in the transition to electric equipment.

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FM Tech

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