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Lower Insurance Costs and Protect Assets Fire, Explosion and Ballistic Barriers for Transformers and Critical Facilities

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10/26/2023 12:30:00 PM

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10/26/2023 12:50:00 PM

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This class provides real compliance, safety and security solutions for grid resilience at your facility.
The attendee will gain an understanding of transformer failure including explosion, gunfire, shrapnel, fire and environmental impact and compliance solutions using Fire, Explosion and Ballistic Barriers.
The presentation includes many great job photos and information you need to increase your electrical grid and operations resilience with protection at your most critical asset – power supply.
The SME will answer questions and present new and Innovative Material Samples for hard panel and textile protection assemblies and how to LOWER your business insurance rates using our FM Approved systems and methods.

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Product Zone 1





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