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Evaluating Risk: Funding Building Retrofit and M&O Projects

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When contemplating enhancements to your facilities, the primary challenge often revolves around securing sufficient capital to fund the projects. Once you have the necessary capital in hand, the next hurdle is to ensure its effective utilization without any wastage or underutilization. Frequently, there's a shortfall in available capital to address all the required upgrades to equipment and infrastructure, essential for improving building efficiency and, consequently, reducing maintenance and operational costs.
Rather than facility managers bearing the financial burden and risks associated with executing capital-intensive projects, an alternative is to collaborate with an Energy Service Company (ESCO) through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). Through this arrangement, the risk is shifted from the facility owner to the ESCO. Unlike conventional capital improvement projects, an ESPC often places the responsibility for risks, particularly those related to performance, on the ESCO, ensuring the facility owner is guaranteed a specified level of energy savings.
This panel discussion brings together experts in financing and building efficiency to discuss various risks, including those related to performance and financing. They will explore how transferring the risk from the facility owner to an Energy Service Company can maximize the impact of capital dollars, allowing for more effective and assured outcomes in facility improvements.

  1. Learn about the performance and financial risks of a traditional construction project that should be taken into consideration when evaluating how to fund a project.
  2. Understand how risk can be shifted from the facility owner to the Energy Service Company through an Energy Savings Performance Contract.
  3. Gain an understanding of how Energy Savings Performance Contracts are structured and how they can maximize the impact of your capital dollars.
  4. Learn what the first step would be to evaluate if an ESPC is a good fit for your facility improvement project.

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