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Anthony Ortery, DHA

Business Development Director,
Red E Services

Anthony Ortery is a seasoned entrepreneur, innovator, and advocate for healthcare facilities operations solutions. With a background in facilities management and business administration, Anthony has a passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive positive change and address complex challenges. Throughout his career, Anthony has been a leader for multiple hospital facilities departments. Anthony's facilities journey is characterized by his commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and fostering collaboration across all departments of care. He has a track record of initiating change and solutions that have disrupted traditional processes and transformed the way hospitals operate. In addition to his leadership pursuits, Anthony is a lifelong leader and has obtained an associates degree in public leadership, a Master's Degree in Business with a specialization in project management, and a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration. He is actively involved in mentoring aspiring young leaders and empowering the next generation of facilities managers to embrace technology as a catalyst for change. Anthony's vision, leadership, and dedication to facilities have earned him recognition in multiple healthcare FM designations. With a relentless focus on creating impact and driving positive change, Anthony continues to inspire and empower others to harness the power of education to shape a better future.

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