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Great traffic, great energy! We've seen in the last hour and a half, (about) 150 people come by the booth in one way shape or form. We were in Vegas earlier which was a lot of a lot of traffic there, this is just that to a whole different level here, so it's been awesome.

‐ Dustin Snavely, Director of National Sales, GPRS


Why You Should Exhibit

1  Reach a new audience not available at any other event.

2  With no overlap between conference and expo hall hours, the expo hall is filled with professionals looking for suppliers like you.

3  You'll enjoy 7 hours of face time with high-level decision makers

4  You'll increase sales. 92% of NFMT exhibitors generate business from the show.

You Want Facilities Managers?

We've Got FMs On The Hunt For Products With Wholesome Budgets

Top 20 Products Buy/Specify/Recommend

HVAC Equipment ‐ 84%
Lighting/Controls ‐ 78%
Building Automation ‐ 74%
Energy Management ‐ 74%
Maintenance Products ‐ 70%
Building Services ‐ 68%
Fire Safety ‐ 67%
Access Control/Security ‐ 66%
Door Hardware ‐ 65%
Boilers/Water Heaters ‐ 63%

Restroom/Plumbing ‐ 58%
Paints/Coatings ‐ 58%
Power Tools ‐ 57%
Windows/Doors/Entry Systems ‐ 56%
Signage ‐ 54%
Flooring ‐ 54%
Carpeting ‐ 53%
Roofing ‐ 53%
Ceilings ‐ 52%
Elevators ‐ 50%

Annual Spending

You'll Meet Executive‐Level Decision Makers

42%  of attendees are Facilities Professionals

12%  of attendees are Construction Professionals

12%  of attendees are Maintenance/ Grounds Managers

10%  of attendees are Operations/ Security Managers

9%  of attendees are Presidents/ VPs/ Owners/ Executives

9%  of attendees are Energy/ Sustainability Professionals

You'll Meet Buyers from Across the Country and Multiple Markets

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Exhibitor Resources

The Exhibitor Resource section is your one stop shop for all of the forms, information and links you need to prepare for NFMT 2024. We recommend you visit this section often as new forms and information are added frequently.

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Exhibitor Toolkit

It's easy to let your prospects and customers know that you'll be exhibiting at NFMT Remix.

We've created a promotional toolkit with customized marketing materials you can use to promote your participation at NFMT Remix. It includes banner graphics, a ready-to-send HTML email and social media sharing tools. You can even use a customizable link to provide your prospects Pro Level ($79) for free! We've partnered with Feathr at no cost to you, making it easier than ever before to get the word out about your booth. No login necessary, just click the link to your Exhibitor Dashboard and start promoting your booth.

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Exhibit Sponsorship and Sales

Debbie Hanamann
National Sales Manager
Companies A-B, H, V (plus numeric)
414-228-7701 Ext. 306

Mikel Gabrielson
National Sales Manager
Companies C-G, I-M
414-228-7701 Ext. 304

Ashley Clark
Director of Event Sales
Companies N-U, W-Z
414-228-7701 Ext. 305

Laurie Vega
Facilities and Commercial
Cleaning Group Publisher
414-228-7701 Ext. 482

Operations, Move-in/Move-out, Contractors,
Rules & Regulations

Danny Rosenstock

Kristen Haley

Accounting Payment and Invoices

Vanessa Morales
414-228-7701 ext 495

Attendees & Speakers

General Questions

Wendy Dietzler
Senior Director, Events & Education
414.228.7701 ext. 458

Registration and Speaker Questions

Danielle Goepel
Senior Event Planner
414-228-7701 ext 459

Gunnar Schmitz
Jr. Coordinator, Events & Education
414-368-6891 x453


All Media

Todd Fabos
Marketing Manager
414-228-7701 Ext. 448