Digital Transformation of the Facilities Plan Room: Improving Access to Drawings and Emergency Operations Documents in a Post-Covid World

The digital transformation of the facilities plan room is no longer a “wish list” item but a NEED thanks to Covid-19. The Coronavirus has forever changed how we do business and paper documents have become obsolete almost overnight. The facilities industry has often struggled with document management due to the types of documents they manage: drawings, O&M manuals, construction close-out, and compliance documents. Adopting new ways of managing documents remotely through digital processes is now a requirement for most facilities departments. Implementing a cloud-based document management system designed for building operations and management is well worth the investment. Good document management practices will allow users to quickly access documents through keyword searches, collaborate, email, and share information easily, and consistently maintain the documents over time. We will discuss how to go about the transition and talk about common mistakes to avoid when embarking on a scanning project. Cloud-based document management should be a priority for all facility managers for safety and work efficiency. Easy access to documents anywhere, any time, and from any device is the goal. We will examine a real-life Case Study of the positive outcomes and impressive Return-On-Investment of a digital transformation project. The facilities plan room documents can no longer remain the way they are hidden in plain sight in basements or penthouses. Digital access to information is now a requirement for the facilities department thanks to Covid-19 and institutions need to make the transition today!

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify how Covid-19 has forced the transformation from paper records to digital records
2. Outline the steps to successful digitization project and highlighting common mistakes to avoid
3.  Examine the positive outcomes from implementing a building operations document management system through an case study
4. Calculate the Return on Investment of implementing a document management system

Session Details

Start Time: 11/11/2021 1:00:00 PM

End Time: 11/11/2021 2:00:00 PM

Presented By:

Vivica Williams

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Room Number: 204

Audience: Advanced

CEU: 1 hour

Track: Technology for Business Advancement

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