The Next FM Experience • November 10-11, 2021 • Orange County Convention Center • Orlando, FL


Remember those things you used to collect at trade shows? You know, the reason your company had a presence on a show floor? What were they called? Leads!

Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit at NFMT Remix

Everything you've been asking for over the years from NFMT events, you'll get at NFMT Remix

  1. Leads, leads, leads (that's technically three reasons, but we're bundling it as one. Leads from sponsored events, leads from the expo hall, leads from digital conference sessions)
  2. Opportunity to host a learning session from the expo hall.
  3. Extend your brand. NFMT Remix is part of the Trade Press Media Group's family of facilities brands. Your brand receives massive promotion before, during and after the event from our influential rolodex of products.
  4. Caliber of attendees. NFMT has the deepest facilities professionals database in the industry. Expect to meet high-ranking facilities pros in Orlando.
  5. Hybrid event means the chance to tap into an additional source of prospects beyond the show floor and actual conference rooms.
  6. Exhibitor Concierge Service. Find a trade show floor intimidating? You're not alone. And you never will be with our new concierge service.
  7. Match Making. We'll create leads for you and bring them directly to you.*
  8. Socially Safe Networking. While it sounds funny, the payoff is no joke.
  9. Engagement. The interest of NFMT from our attendees has never been higher. FMs and others in the industry have expressed a huge interest in returning to live events.
  10. Extended show floor hours. The expo hall will remain open longer to accommodate a safe and health conscious event.

How about one more reason?

  1. NFMT Baltimore - March 2022. It's closer than you think. What better way to pick up momentum and close 2021 than sponsoring NFMT Remix as a lead in to NFMT's return to the Baltimore Convention Center in 2022.

* Matchmaking limited to Platinum and Gold Sponsors.

At long last, at NFMT Remix you'll remember why you invested in trade shows before "social distancing" and "quarantine" were part of our daily vernacular.

Live events will have a drastically different look. This shouldn't surprise anyone. How we gather might have changed, but why we gather hasn't. Tap into the unlimited potential of the NFMT audience with a sponsorship package at NFMT Remix

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