2018 Exhibitors


Exhibiting Company
Booth #
Video Showcase
Booth: 525
AkitaBox delivers an unrivaled data-driven software used to assess, then optimize the operation and condition of facilities, from the boiler room to the boardroom.

Booth: 430
Wholesale distributor of door hardware ans access control products for commercial, residential, institutional and multi-family uses.

Booth: 115
Manufacturer of plastic HVAC products. Products include diffusers and returns that will not rust, corrode, fade or yellow. Products are mildew and flame resistant. The color molded into the product so that scratches won't show.

Booth: 421
High efficiency sand fillers designed by AmeriWater effectively remove the extremely fine particles, as low as 1/4 micron that cooling towers scrub from the air. More efficient filtration means cleaner heat transfer surfaces & reduced corrosion rates

Booth: 709
AntrumX, an easily maintained and scalable centralized sensing solution, draws air samples from up to 32 individualized zones back to a central location where 16 IAQ parameters are monitored and reported on, eliminating 94% of the sensors.

Booth: 521
Aqua-Rex and Flowban - two technologies that treat hard water and stop tub floors.

Booth: 406
Providing instant mobile access to critical building information and documentation for facilities teams.

Booth: 710
Auto-San is a national leader in scent branding and odor control.

Booth: 112
From Facility Managers to small business and commercial energy operators, our innovative customer engagement tools, such as Load Profiler, unlocks the value of your electric meter and empowers you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Booth: 601
Automated Logic is a leading provider of innovative building management solutions.

Booth: 415
Best-in-class coatings for any substrate in your facility.

Booth: 111
Manufacturer of air filtration and air purification.

Booth: 306
Carrier's service solutions create a total solution for all building mechanical systems. In addition to preventative maintenance and comprehensive service and repairs, the team customizes BluEdge service agreements for full building mechanical syste

Booth: 524
Leading HVAC Equipment, Parts, Supplies & Tools. Provider for contractors and maintenance personnel.

Booth: 206
National Fire Protection Services.

Booth: 206
CounterAct™ fixtures contain Ushio Inc.'s Care222@lamps that emit far UVC light that has been shown in the lab to inactivate more than 99% of pathogens, including the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Booth: 208
CES is a national electrical and lighting solutions service provider.

Booth: 609
Commercial specialty cleaning and disaster restoration services.

Booth: 210
Corporate Care is a Facilities Maintenance and Deep Cleaning Specialist that services thousands of locations throughout North America.

Booth: 321
Sustainability goals? A natural, HVAC water treatment solution THAT WORKS.

Booth: 218
Complete integrated power system solutions for any application anywhere.

Booth: 611
Electronic Access control at every access point, without hardwiring.

Booth: 325
CMMS software built for you,intuitive, fast and effective without the fluff.

Booth: 227
Energy Data-as-a-Service for equipment optimization and to reduce demand/consumption charges,

Booth: 617
Delta offers advanced building automation technology to achieve the vision "Smart Building" for better living.

Booth: 118
High tech energy and water conservation and efficiency company providing it's clients first in class solutions to the high price of energy and water while helping them to fulfill sustainability goals.

Booth: 327
Water conditioners for heated/chilled water systems - reduce costs for water use, chemicals, electricity and maintenance.

Booth: 526
Smart energy meter.

Booth: 311
As a nationwide company, ESS can provide services for you corporate wide. These services will encompass all you electrical safety needs. With 25 years of experience in the field we can guarantee that we will meet & exceed your electrical safety needs

Booth: 425
wireless water leak sensor with email and text alerts.

Booth: 410
3D immagery, scanning, measurement and software.

Booth: 418
Facility Management Software including mange work orders, schedule preventive maintenance, and optimize your facility's operational processes.

Booth: 528
FTS is a 4th generation electrical wholesale lighting distributor, recycling facilitator and EV car charging network install, product and service/maintenance.

Booth: 608
Gordian is the leading provider of facility and construction cost data, software and expertise for all phases of the building lifecycle.

Booth: 217
Professional strength cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers. Got Pee Odor Eliminator will get The Stink Out!

Booth: 427
Graffiti Shield is a manufacturer, distributor, and installer of surface protection films for wear and tear and vandalism.

Booth: 618
Heila Techololgies, a Kohler Company is dedicated to making distributed energy simpler and more sustainable - providing complete solutions for energy system control and optimization, maintenance and operations, and monitoring and analytics.

Booth: 320
Premier manufacturer of carbon brushes, holders and bearing protection.

Booth: 706
Semi rigid Polyurea joint fillers, polyureathane concrete repair, dual component polyurea joint pumps.

Booth: 708
E-Mon was the first digital submetering manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. The first meter was build in 1989 and has become an industry standard across numerous segment markets.

Booth: 429
Complete HVAC Technical Training Programs including the FET - (Facilities Engineering Technician) Training Program.

Booth: 519
Smart water management - smart irrigation, leak detection and water use analytics.

Booth: 506
IFMA is the world's largest and most widely recognized association for facility management professionals.

Booth: 314
Planitar Inc. is the maker of iGUIDE, an innovative technology that produces immersive 3D built environments and extensive property data.

Booth: 317
EMS water and fire remediation, water extraction, drying services, mold remediation,bio-hazard/trauma clean-up, sewer back-up remediation, carpet cleaning.

Booth: 624
An indoor mapping technology for FMs to track and maintain their assets

Booth: 619
We offer an easy way to buy ceiling replacement tiles and full ceiling renovation materials on-line while also providing nation-wide, certified installation services backed by Armstrong Ceilings.

Booth: 121
Sparacote resinious flooring systems offer seamless, safe, and durable floors.

Booth: 319
Leading portable air filtration, ventilation and drying equipment and disinfectants for the best management of the indoor environment in healthcare, education, hospitality, industrial and other facilities.

Booth: 307
Lift-Rite offers a wide range of hydraulic hand pallet trucks and related pedestrian controlled vehicles. Lift-Rite hand pallet trucks encompass manual, power assist, motorized and high-lift models and are built for a variety of applications.

Booth: 318
A leading manufacturer of innovative commercial door operators, gate operators and access control products.

Booth: 310
Lynxspring embraces open software and hardware platforms & develops, manufactures & distributes edge-to-enterprise solutions & IP technology for today's intelligent buildings, energy management systems, equipment control.

Booth: 705
Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency.

Booth: 517
Portable maintenance carts and tool storage systems.

Booth: 510
Coils, eat exchangers, thermal fluids and filtration systems.

Booth: 610
To protect lives and property from fire through the wide-spread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.

Booth: 508
Nuvolo specializes in modern facility management and EAM solutions, built on ServiceNow. Nuvolo was recently recognized by IDC as a leader in SaaS Facility Management, solidifying our position in this evolving space.

Booth: 614
Touch-free bottle fillers, drinking fountains, conversion kits, bottled water coolers, bottle-free water coolers, and water filtration solutions.

Booth: 301
The Best in Pests.

Booth: 620
Find out how we can help with your property disaster mitigation and restoration needs!

Booth: 606
Silicone Roof Coatings, Anti-Graffiti, Wildlife Deterrent.

Booth: 225
Polyglass USA, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems.

Booth: 211
Power Temp Systems has provided portable temporary power equipment for our customers since 1991. Since then we have grown to become the largest supplier of temporary power equipment.

Booth: 507
Trip hazard.

Booth: 214
ProFM Credential: Increase Your FM Capabilities, Confidence, and Credibility

Booth: 714
Operations Management Software - Work Order and Asset Management for healthy buildings and happy employees.

Booth: 515
Flood concerns shouldn't erode your confidence. Whether you're dealing with coastal flooding from hurricanes or flash flooding from heavy rainfalls, we have passive-, active- and rapid-deployment products designed to handle any type of flooding.

Booth: 621
Cloud based CMMS application for work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory control and asset management. Also offering data collection and PM program build services.

Booth: 326
Improving hygiene sustainability with toliet paper foam, a 100% flushable alternative to wet wipes.

Booth: 308
Rhombus Systems delivers smart security cameras and IoT sensors to one unified platform to help enterprises improve safety and streamline operations.

Booth: 615
RIDGID tools are known as industry-leading products that allow professionals to complete jobs quickly and reliably.

Booth: 431
Our American factories have been manufacturing industrial flooring products for over 100 years and our experienced team has been involved in about every application possible

Booth: 607
Glow in the dark safety products. Luminous Path Marking System required in new high rise exit stairs.

Booth: 509
A leading manufacturer of fall protection railing systems and related products for industrial/commercial applications.

Booth: 201
Visualizing the Built World with SiteMap. SiteMap simplifies facility management by providing its users with a powerful all-in-one solution.

Booth: 414
Smart Rain is weather based irrigation tech saving up to 50% on water bills.

Booth: 207
Socomec is an electrical equipment design and manufacturing company, specializing in low voltage energy performance in terms of safety, service continuity, quality and energy efficiency.

Booth: 428
Provider of high-quality commercial doors and bathroom partitions.

Booth: 331
Since we invented the first swing door operator in 1932, Stanley Access Technologies has grown into the largest manufacturer, installer, and service provider of automatic doors in North America.

Booth: 501
One Rental Partner Does It All.

Booth: 701
Superior Water Conditioners for controlling scale and corrosion in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Booth: 120
There is no productivity without flexibility, there is no flexibility without mobility. Swiftspace was born of mobility.

Booth: 720
Tapmaster Hands-Free Faucet Conversion systems.

Booth: 401
Atrium lifts, mobile service, accessing the places you have issues accessing.

Booth: 407
The leading provider of connected web enabled traffic calming - messaging and parking solutions: www.trafficlogix.com/ www.parkinglogix.com

Booth: 511
Intelligent Key & Equipment Management Solutions.

Booth: 700
Low Speed Electric Vehicles.

Booth: 324
The FM Approved TIGER Dam Flood Control technology system is changing the approach to preserving infrastructure by protecting buildings, keeping interstates and highways accessible and allowing utilities to function during storms.

Booth: 424
UV Indoor Air Quality technology for air disinfection, air purification and coil cleaning.

Booth: 315
Service & Sales of mission critical power equipment/UPS/batteries/DC plants.

Booth: 411
Distributor for infrared cameras and training courses.

Booth: 104
Vector Climate Evaporative Cooler.

Booth: no booth
Leader in training and performance optimization.

Booth: 600
Create the space you need in the space you have. Versare makes space flexible with affordable, portable room dividers, workstations, partitions, semi-permanent walls, and modular walls, flooring and rooms.

Booth: 626
Fire protection and life safety systems and services.

Booth: 514
Press Technology, Press Fittings.

Booth: 420
Western Colloid specializes in environmentally friendly fluid applied roofing and paving systems.

Booth: 518
VISION home & office window film.

Booth: 221
Innovative power distribution solutions that meet challenges of today’s critical power applications.The NEW Z-ATS Industrial is designed to be the smallest & most rugged automatic transfer switch for commercial/industrial digitally control devices.

Booth: 530
Zurn Industries manufactures the industry spectrum of advance water solutions.