2018 Exhibitors


Exhibiting Company
Booth #
Video Showcase
Booth: 624
Professional building surveyors producing expert floorplans — PDF, 3D models.

Booth: 630
Variable frequency drives for fan and pump speed control.

Booth: 314
Full-service fire protection and fire-safety solutions since 1975.

Booth: 620
Anti-Clog #1 eliminates slime forming bacteria in your drain pan.

Booth: 316
Specialized products for wet and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems.

Booth: 109
Aerial work platforms.

Booth: 543
Destratification fans.

Booth: 406
Online marketplace for HVAC and building automation control parts, peripherals.

Booth: 621
Altyno is used to resurface rather than replace old, outdated laminates and other surfaces.

Booth: 215
Restoration contractor.

Booth: 225
Smart Water Management Solution for C,I, +I.

Booth: 438
Facilities information management solutions and services, document scanning, archiving information management.

Booth: 422
High performance, cost-effective coatings and sealers.

Booth: 642
A global leader in building automation systems. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 513
Pest Bird Control Services, guaranteed.

Booth: 501
Wall coatings & paint.

Booth: 322
Energy savings power transmission V-belts.

Booth: 415
Ultraviolet(UVC)solutions for Cooling Coil Disinfection.

Booth: 627
Manufacturer of full line of bird control devices such as spikes, net, shock systems, gels, wires, sound deterrents, etc.

Booth: 321
BirdBuffer Manufacturers and experts in grape vapor pest bird control.

Booth: 430
Software/publications/internet services/construction support services/project management.

Booth: 247
Official Media Sponsor of NFMT Vegas.

Booth: 407
Busch Systems is recycling made simple.

Booth: 216
World leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Booth: 615
CentiMark is North America' largest commercial roofing and flooring contractor.

Booth: 600
Paper Programs, Cleaning Tools, Janitorial supplies.

Booth: 546
Anti-slip solution for safer footing.

Booth: 538
CSG provides all your janitorial and building maintenance needs.

Booth: 516
Commercial specialty cleaning and disaster restoration services.

Booth: 507
Power/telecom/AV connectivity WITHOUT core drilling.

Booth: 425
Wall and door protection as well as entrance flooring.

Booth: 307
Corzan® Piping Systems, reliability in commercial and institutional plumbing.

Booth: 647
Working to advance our members in all aspects of commercial real estate through education, leadership, partnership and networking.

Booth: 437
Backup generators and generator service.

Booth: 637
CyberLock is a key-centric access control system.

Booth: 521
The Leader in Custom, Quick Ship, Hollow Metal Doors & Frames.

Booth: 520
MAG® ice melting products.

Booth: 424
Dematic Sprocket delivers a streamlined solution for managing work activities.

Booth: 445
Directional Systems is a national supplier of traffic control signage.

Booth: 616
The World's Best Large Document Storage System.

Booth: 339
Award winning manufacturer of IT-based building automation technology.

Booth: 243
SmartBuildings is a thermostat management software for businesses from ecobee. Built to optimize for savings and comfort, effortlessly.

Booth: 446
Arc Flash Risks Assessments, NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Trainings, LOTO, Written Programs, Infrared Inspections and Consulting Services.

Booth: 436
The most affordable solution for managing HVAC across your facilities.

Booth: 537
Maintenance software designed by maintenance people. 10+Icon

Booth: 224
Restore pipes in-place without the mess and destruction of a repipe.

Booth: 247
Official media sponsor of NFMT Vegas.

Booth: 312
Single ply roofing.

Booth: 633
UVC Systems for HVAC and Ice Machines.

Booth: 631
Private utility locating, concrete radar scanning, as-built drawings.

Booth: 107
Energy valve, metering station and flow control valves.

Booth: 213
Vacuum IG — Game Changing Glass.

Booth: 623
Herc Rentals is a premier, full-service equipment rental firm.

Booth: 108
Arc Flash Consulting, Arc Flash Analysis, Electrical Safety.

Booth: 533
Identification & sensing technology using RFID, BLE and cloud services.

Booth: 326
SMARTenergy OPS® optimizes chiller performance, driving down costs real time.

Booth: 227
World's only self rinsing hybrid waterless urinal & replacement cartridges

Booth: 444
Smart water management.

Booth: 648
A leader in Security Hardware and Door Distribution.

Booth: 525
IFMA is the largest international association for facility management professionals.

Booth: 324
Lighting controls.

Booth: 301
Aerial Work Platforms.

Booth: 447
Rooftop Fall Protection.

Booth: 530
KEYper Systems, Electronic and Mechanical Key and Asset Management Systems.

Booth: 315
Industrial staffing.

Booth: 512
Arc Flash Services, Combustible Dust Services, and Training.

Booth: 606
Global manufacturer of hydraulic and pedestrian controlled vehicles.

Booth: 327
Screw in LED retrofits and LED fixtures replacing HID lamps.

Booth: 221
Nation's largest bulb recycler delivering environmentally-sound processing for 25 years.

Booth: 230
Technology for eradication of Legionella in drinking water.

Booth: 413
Manufacturer complete line of mortise, commercial, tubular, dead locks.

Booth: 605
Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Elevator and Escalator Division sells, installs, modernizes and services elevators and escalators.

Booth: 343
Easy-to-use, low-cost remote monitoring solutions.

Booth: 532
MultiTherm Coils can accommodate a customer's heating or cooling requirements.

Booth: 220
NFRC helps people compare energy performance for windows.

Booth: 549
The voice of the fire sprinkler industry since 1905.

Booth: 527
Leading provider in uninterruptible power supply equipment, service and batteries.

Booth: 232
Stand-alone, fee-free, comprehensive, IoT Building Automation solutions.

Booth: 347

Booth: 626
Hot taps, line stops, pipe freezing,valve insertion,welding.

Booth: 515
Manufacturer of Grippy Floormat.

Booth: 632
Experts at maximizing safety to mitigate risks in all industries.

Booth: 612
Full service online, onsite, hands on, regional, and virtual skills training.

Booth: 431
Video surveillance, analytics & artificial intelligence software.

Booth: 102
Water coolers & fountains, bottle fillers, dehumidifiers.

Booth: 323
Flow meters and BTU meters.

Booth: 420
Orion's state-of-the-art LED fixtures and retrofits.

Booth: 412
ORR designs, installs and services fire alarm, detection and suppression systems.

Booth: 622
Waterproof Ceiling Tile, Waterproof Wall Panels, Wall Protection Systems.

Booth: 214
Air filtration and air intake protection products.

Booth: 331
Generator installation, service, maintenance & rental.

Booth: 433
We make sidewalks safe, our patented process makes ADA compliant sidewalks, eliminate trip hazards and saves you money.

Booth: 601
ProFM™ Credential: Elevate Your FM Skills to Today's Global Standard.

Booth: 613
CMMS software, assets, work orders, projects, PMs with mobile apps.

Booth: 617
Flood protection made simple. EzDam, flood doors and barriers.

Booth: 309
PuroClean is a leader in property emergency services and preparedness planning.

Booth: 638
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Booth: 539
Rack-A-Tiers Mfg. designs and distributes innovative, specialty electrical tools.

Booth: 629
CeramiCircuit Radiant Electric Heating Panels.

Booth: 426
SureSeal® — The Eco-Water savings alternative to Trap Primers.

Booth: 212
The ReechCraft PowerLift is secure, safe and portable, while still allowing personnel to access difficult-to-reach spaces.

Booth: 242
Leading the world in pest control innovation and brand protection.

Booth: 439
RIDGID manufactures more than 300 innovative tools for the professional.

Booth: 536
Safe-T-Nose® photo-luminescent "Glow-in-the-dark" nosing and REVERSE™ photo-luminescent exit sign upgrade.

Booth: 206
A leading manufacturer of passive fall protection railing system.

Booth: 544
Leading National manufacturer of drain openers & bioenzyme drain cleaners.

Booth: 421
Hinges and geared continuous hinges for high-traffic doors, new or retrofit.

Booth: 104
CCTV Surveillance experts.

Booth: 524
Our dedication to making every day a better day for individuals.

Booth: 602
Corrosion Solutions for Dry, Preaction and Wet Fire Protection Systems.

Booth: 209
Spartan Legionella Detection System.

Booth: 611
Parking lot maintenance.

Booth: 625
Service, maintenance, and installation of automatic pedestrian doors.

Booth: 442
Flexible power distribution solutions.

Booth: 317
Steril-Aire UVGI (Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation) energy solutions.

Booth: 401
Sunbelt Rentals boasts the industry's largest collection of facilities maintenance equipment.

Booth: 531
Provides high quality office furniture at an incredible price!

Booth: 607
Chemical free water treatment systems to control scale and corrosion.

Booth: 306
Manufacturing high performance concrete protective coatings, sealers, and overlays.

Booth: 643
MOBILE workstations, benching systems, height adjustable stations, conference hubs.

Booth: 635
Flood protection Stormbags.

Booth: 349
Prefabricated Hazardous Material and Portable Storage Buildings. Turn-Key Services Available.

Booth: 313
Providing value based testing solutions for professionals technicians worldwide.

Booth: 228
Fully accredited commissioning, documentation, mechanical repair and testing software.

Booth: 427
Maintenance Management Software and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.

Booth: 639
Topaz offers the latest in commercial and residential LED Lighting products.

Booth: 217
TownSteel — A full line manufacturer of Architectural Builders Hardware.

Booth: 423
Integrating iOS & Android apps into your day-to-day saves you money.

Booth: 645
Facility maintenance and epoxy flooring products.

Booth: 330
Low Speed Electric Vehicles.

Booth: 542
Become a U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Facility Manager.

Booth: 226
USGBC is committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through LEED.

Booth: 320
Aircare, Air Fresheners, Odor Control & Odor Solutions.

Booth: 526
Single-ply roofing membrane systems and accessories manufacturer.

Booth: 443
VFS provides life fire & safety services nationally.

Booth: 222
Energy Management Platform.

Booth: 636
Commercial & Industrial Door & Gate Service, Repair, and Replacement.

Booth: 614
The world leader in moisture meter and moisture measurement solutions.

Booth: 416
Carpet maintenance products and systems; Green Seal certified chemistry.

Booth: 207
Lighting Controller for parking lot lights, outdoor lights and signs.

Booth: 609
Safety Stair and Walkaway Products.

Booth: 337
Energy Management Solution, Smart Thermostat.

Booth: 522
ZOLL® Medical Corp. provides AED and CPR products.

Booth: 408
Zurn Industries manufactures the industry spectrum of advance water solutions.