HVAC - Vegas 2018


Exhibiting Company
Booth #
Video Showcase
Booth: 630
Variable frequency drives for fan and pump speed control.

Booth: 620
CDC Anti-Clog #1 Preventative maintenance condensate drain pan treatment.

Destratification Fans.

Booth: 415
Ultraviolet (UVC) solutions for IAQ and HVAC Energy Savings.

Booth: 213
World leading manufacturer of fabric air dispersion systems.

Booth: 633
Germicidal UV lights.

Booth: 532
HVAC /Industrial coils, heat ex-changers/tube bundles and heat transfer fluids/services.

Booth: 626
Hot taps, line stopping, pipe freezing,welding, leak repair.

Booth: 439
RIDGID manufacturers more than 300 innovative tools for the professional.

Booth: 317
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation(UVGI).

Booth: 607
Superior Water Conditioners that control scale and corrosion in water using equipment and related plumbing systems.

Booth: 313
Hand-held test, measurement and vibration equipment.

Booth: 542
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, Facility Management.