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The Hybrid Workplace Threats, Liabilities, Employer Exposure/Employee Life Safety Issues Work from Home

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COVID-19 creates the Hybrid Workforce: Work from Home simultaneous with Work at Office. Thus, the Hybrid Workforce multiplies the threats, liabilities and legal exposure for all employers regarding the Life Safety of all its employee. You, as an employer, have the sole duty of care for employee Life Safety for both Work from Home and Work at Office. Under federal law, the employee has no duty of care for their own Life Safety. Thus, the Hybrid Workforce doubles the employer's legal exposure regarding employee injury and death. OSHA, NFPA and all 50 State Fire Codes require all employers to plan for all emergencies and to train all their employees whether they Work from Home or Work at Office. This presentation will use Workplace Violence as an example of Life Safety issues in the scary new world of your Hybrid Workplace."
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11/3/2022 8:30 AM

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11/3/2022 9:30 AM

1. What are the Life Safety issues facing employers and employees in hybrid workplaces?
2. What are the laws, regulations and standards re hybrid workplaces?
3. What are common mistakes employers make in creating their plans today?
4. How to plan and train employees for Life Safety in hybrid workplaces, and does the employer police Life Safety in hybrid workplaces?

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