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Breakthrough in FM Services: Major Client and Supplier of Janitorial Supplies Uses Performance Info

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The future of the Facility Manager and Facility Owner is an understanding of automation and the use of performance information to reduce facility cost while simultaneously increasing quality. This presentation is on a four year case study where a large facility owner was motivated to identify and utilize vendor expertise to decreasing the cost and simultaneously increasing the quality of janitorial products. The vendor utilized the characteristics of automation [the minimization of FM human cognitive processing including the gathering information, decision making, management and control and analysis of vendor performance]. The client utilized a Best Value Approach (BVA) to identify and utilize the vendor's expertise. The BVA identified a vendor who minimized the cost of the delivery of janitorial products by 25% and reduced the client's FM effort by the use of performance metrics. The high-performance vendor was able to meeting changing owner requirements by utilizing a hybrid automated ordering system which further cut the cost of the janitorial supplies being delivered. The vendor's delivery system minimized the need of client's FM's decision making and need to manage the service. The client and supplier realized the approach required the use of performance metrics [which includes cost, time and material quality]. The approach was one utilizing the simplification of the issues rather than the need of increased technical knowledge, complex owner/vendor relationships. The presentation will include audience questions and answers with the vendor's information expert.
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11/2/2022 10:30 AM

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11/2/2022 11:30 AM

1. Learn how to implement automation in the FM supply chain.
2. Learn how to identify and utilize expertise.
3. Learn what are performance metrics.
4. How do you use performance metrics to lower cost and increase value.

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