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Commissioning is an Energy Code Requirement: Lesson Learned That You Need to Know

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The presentation will address the commissioning process with a brief description on New and Existing Building commissioning. We will address the latest Energy Code requirements for new or renovation projects. We will go thru a list of lessons learned from both new and existing building systems commissioning. We will identify items and tasks that should be included in all commissioning requests for services. We will ask what your building's needs and how these commissioning services help with those goals. Part of the session is an interactive discussion with the attendees with questions, share their lessons learned or provide comments to our presentation.
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11/3/2022 8:30 AM

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11/3/2022 9:30 AM

1. To be able to identify the differences between new and existing building commissioning processes
2. To understand the Energy Code requirements and what needs to be completed.
3. Identify commissioning tasks that may have multiple meanings to other Cx firms and how to clarify them.
4. Address what the commissioning issues, questions and learn how to deal with specific ones that appear to come up with each project.

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Concorde B




1 hour

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