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Preventative and Deferred Maintenance Reality Check - How accurate is your inventory?

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About this session:

Buildings are constantly changing, so maintenance teams chase a moving target when it comes to knowing where and what equipment and shutoffs are located in the field. Teams struggle to document these changes -- relying on memories.

This is compounded when organizations are forced to work in a “run to fail” environment. This causes unexpected failures with a tremendous financial impact.
There’s value in using your mobile device to field-verify what equipment is on your campus, how to effectively inventory your equipment by type, location, condition and how to access equipment maintenance info using QR codes.
In this session, learn:
  • The importance of accurate mechanical and emergency equipment inventory
  • Tips for catching up on preventative maintenance
  • Plan for tomorrow by tracking equipment lifecycles
  • Tools for maximizing team productivity
  • Minimizing the onboarding timeline for new hires
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11/2/2022 11:30 AM

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11/2/2022 11:50 AM

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