The Fatal Flaws in Your Active Shooter Response

About this session:

The deadly phase of an active shooter in your workplace is over in the first four to eight minutes, statistically before the police can arrive and deploy. This means your employees are the first responders. An active shooter incident will unfold at lightning speed in terrifying conditions. The fatal flaw: your current response does not address the lethal first four to eight minutes for your employees to respond and your emergency team to take command. Another flaw: How you’re required to work with law enforcement once they deploy at your facility. FBI and NYPD report that Active Shooter incidents have quadrupled in 2013-16 versus the previous five-year average. 70% of Active Shooters are in workplaces versus campuses. 3 people die and 3+ are injured in the average Active Shooter incident. Active shooters strike companies, high rises, healthcare, factories and malls as well as campuses. Your response is dramatically different at each site. This presentation will turn very tactical. If you’re easily offended or nauseous, don’t register. You will learn how to create plans and procedures and how to train your emergency team and rank-and-file employees.

1. Identify the fatal flaws in your current response and training
2. Recall how you prepare for tactical response
3. Review how to train employees re your tactical response
4. State the laws and regulations applicable to our planning and training

Start Time:

11/7/2018 2:10:00 PM

End Time:

11/7/2018 3:00:00 PM

Presented by:

Bo Mitchell
President and CEO
911 Consulting

Room Number:

Miranda 7






Safety and Security

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