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The Resilient Building - How to right size your space for today and tomorrow

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Yesterday's workplace strategies and benchmarks won't work for today's buildings - let alone tomorrow's. Adapting to and succeeding in this new era requires data that helps leaders understand how their office and other spaces are performing in real-time. For facility managers, that means refocusing on purposeful spaces and using square footage intentionally. Upgrades are expensive and time-consuming; you don't want to make these decisions without confidence the results will meet the needs/desires of those using the building. You need the ability to make data-driven decisions based on how space is actually being used - or not used. For every unused square foot of space, businesses pay an average of $33 a year. That adds up quickly! Spatial intelligence provides the ability to identify patterns, create insights and make predictions across physical space and the way people use it. This enables decisions that are based on users behavior patterns and preferences rather than assumptions, guesses or what other facilities managers are doing. In this presentation, Fernanda Belo of VergeSense will discuss what spatial intelligence is, what it can do and how it can be used to not just optimize space, but also make decisions that prioritize sustainability and improve ROI. She'll also share a case study of how one company is using this type of data and analytics to transform and improve the utilization of space and provide insights for how facility managers can apply this to their own efforts.
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11/3/2022 2:30 PM

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11/3/2022 3:30 PM

1. Understand what spatial intelligence is and how its emerged
2. Learn how spatial intelligence can help optimize facilities
3. Discover how to use this to inform decision-making
4. Gain insight in how to implement spatial intelligence

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1 hour

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