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Truly Healthy Buildings- Automation and Water the Missing Puzzle Piece

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For buildings to be truly healthy, they must protect the occupants from legionella and other waterborne pathogens as well as from air contaminants and fire hazards. Hospitalization and deaths related to opportunistic plumbing pathogens have increased by over 489% and account for over $3.3 Billion dollars in cost in the US. Due to many buildings being shut down or reduced in occupancy during the COVID pandemic the potential increases in issues are likely to get worse due to extensive biofilm and stagnation. To effectively reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens, ASHRAE 188 water management programs must become easier. A study of more than 900 WMPs found that the premise of ASHRAE Standard 188 is sound–facilities that fully implemented a comprehensive WMP reduced Legionella. However, less than 20% of facilities had sufficient control measure compliance, and fewer than 10% tested adequately, implying that making WMPs easier is critical to reducing the risk of waterborne pathogens and complying with ASHRAE 188. Our presentation demonstrates how automation can make WMPs easier, provide data for better risk reduction, and reduce costs. The implications of this approach can not only help to build owners more cost-effectively manage an ASHRAE 188 water management program but make them truly healthy buildings.
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11/2/2022 3:45 PM

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11/2/2022 4:45 PM

1. Impact of building water system in resident/guests health
2. Understand the objections and burdens of ASHRAE-188 and how they can be overcome
3. Options available through automation and advanced analytics
4. Learn how increased data and lower cost can allow for easier compliance with standards

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Concorde B




1 hour

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