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Unlocking Operational Excellence through better assessments and capital planning

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Operational excellence is an elusive goal that every facility team strives for but very few actually achieve. On the surface most facility leaders point to a lack of time and resources as the things holding them back but those are just symptoms of the larger problems with traditional facility management. Reaching this goal starts with rethinking the way we maintain and operate buildings. The first step is with better planning based on real validated data. Siloed facility data, a reliance on the way things have always been done, and technology that has failed to change any of it are all holding back your facility team today. These three problems add up to create artificial barriers to achieving operational excellence: an endless cycle of reactive work, difficulty selling facility needs to executive leadership, lack of KPI tracking, staffing shortages, unexpected breakdowns and mounting deferred maintenance. Cutting through all of this by aggregating data into risk profiles for expenditures to increase ROI for every dollar spent is the first step. This presentation will demonstrate how this daunting task is easier and more attainable than it may seem. Join us as we explore ways you can start conquering these traditional capital planning challenges and get your team on a path towards operational excellence. There isn't a one size fits all approach, so we will cover the different areas that make up operational excellence including culture, collaboration between facilities and executives, and technology. 
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11/2/2022 3:45 PM

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11/2/2022 4:45 PM

1. List upcoming technologies that have the potential to bring measurable benefits to the Planning, Design and Construction activities.
2. Assess and rank emerging technologies benefit to your organization or clients regardless of size
3. Identify opportunities to improve operational excellence by applying technology
4. Increase collaboration and data integrity to improve ROI from programming through operations.

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