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At NFMT Vegas the conference and expo never overlap! During conference sessions the hall is closed and when sessions are not scheduled, we hope you join us in the expo hall for additional education and networking opportunities.

Expo Hall Hours

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11:00 AM–3:00 PM

11:00 AM–2:00 PM

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11:30 AM–1:30 PM: QuickFire Sessions

2:00 PM: Networking Party

2:45 PM: $1,000 Daily Drawing


11:30 AM–1:00 PM: QuickFire Sessions

1:45 PM: $1,000 Daily Drawing

2018 Exhibitors


Exhibiting Company
Booth #
Video Showcase
Booth: 624
Professional building surveyors producing expert floorplans — PDF, 3D models.

Booth: 630
Variable frequency drives for fan and pump speed control.

Booth: 314
Full-service fire protection and fire-safety solutions since 1975.
Booth: 620
CDC Anti-Clog #1 Preventative maintenance condensate drain pan treatment.

Booth: 316
Specialized components for wet & dry pipe fire sprinkler systems.

Booth: 109
Aerial work platforms.

Booth: 543
Destratification fans.

Booth: 525
An online marketplace for HVAC and Building Automation Control Parts and Peripherals featuring over 140 manufacturers.

Booth: 621
Altyno is used to resurface rather than replace old, outdated laminates and other surfaces.

Booth: 215
Restoration contractor.

Booth: 438
ARC delivers game-changing productivity improvements for facility teams with innovative software and mobile apps.

Booth: 422
High performance, cost-effective coatings and sealers.
Booth: 642
Building automation systems and energy management. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 513
Pest Bird Control Services, guaranteed.

Booth: 601
Wall coatings & paint.

Booth: 322
Energy savings power transmission V-belts.

Booth: 415
Ultraviolet (UVC) solutions for IAQ and HVAC Energy Savings.

Booth: 321
Inventors of dry-vapor bird repellent systems that is proven effective in repelling pest birds from facilities safely and humanely.

Booth: 430
FM PM Service Provider

Booth: 407
Busch Systems is recycling made simple.

Booth: 216
Carrier is the world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Booth: 615
North America's largest full service commercial roofing and flooring contractor.

Booth: 538
CSG provides all your janitorial and building maintenance needs.

Booth: 516
Commercial specialty cleaning and disaster restoration services.

Booth: 507
Floor-based cabling systems and accessories.

Booth: 425
Wall and door protection as well as entrance flooring.

Booth: 649
Corzan® Piping Systems, reliability in commercial and institutional plumbing.
Booth: 437
Backup generators and generator service

Booth: 637
CyberLock is a key-centric access control system.

Booth: 521
The Leader in Custom, Quick Ship, Hollow Metal Doors & Frames.

Booth: 520
Mag® ice melting products.

Booth: 424
Dematic Sprocket delivers a streamlined solution for managing work activities.

Booth: 445
Directional Systems is a national supplier of lane control signage.

Booth: 616
The World's Best Large Document Storage System.

Booth: 446
Award winning manufacturer of IT-based building automation technology.

Booth: 436
The most affordable solution for managing HVAC across your facilities.

Booth: 537
Maintenance software designed by maintenance people. 10+Icon

Booth: 224
Restore pipes in-place without the mess and destruction of a repipe.

Booth: 213
World leading manufacturer of fabric air dispersion systems.

Booth: 312
Seaman Corporation's FiberTite®, is a premier single-ply roofing system.

Booth: 633
UVC Systems for HVAC and Ice Machines.

Booth: 631
Private utility locating, concrete scanning, as-built drawings.

Booth: 107
Energy valve, metering station and flow control valves.

Booth: 627
Facilities Maintenance

Booth: 623
Herc Rentals is a premier, full-service equipment rental firm.

Booth: 108
Arc Flash Consulting, Arc Flash Analysis, Electrical Safety.
Booth: 533
Identification & sensing technology using RFID, BLE and cloud services.

Booth: 227
Waterless & hybrid urinals; replacement waterless urinal cartridges for most major waterless brands.

Booth: 444
Smart water management.

Booth: 324
Lighting controls.

Booth: 301
Aerial Work Platforms.

Booth: 447
Rooftop Fall Protection.

Booth: 530
KEYper Systems, Electronic and Mechanical Key and Asset Management Systems.
Booth: 315
Industrial staffing.

Booth: 512
Electrical Safety, Combustible Dust, and Training Solutions.

Booth: 606
Best manufacturer of hydraulic hand pallet trucks and related pedestrian controlled vehicles.

Booth: 327
LED Commercial retrofits and LED fixtures.

Booth: 221
Nationwide programs for Universal Waste, Tritium Exit Sign & Smoke Detector Recycling, plus Safety Products.

Booth: 230
Leading manufacturer of state and federal EPA registered technology of copper-silver ionization for eradication of legionella in drinking water.

Booth: 413
Architectural hardware for commercial and multifamily facilities, specializing in locking hardware and anti-ligature locks.

Booth: 448
Monnit brings the Internet of Things to businesses with easy-to-use, low-cost remote monitoring solutions.

Booth: 532
HVAC /Industrial coils, heat ex-changers/tube bundles and heat transfer fluids/services.

Booth: 220
Energy performance ratings for windows.

Booth: 549
The voice of the Fire Sprinkler Industry.

Booth: 527
Leading provider in uninterruptible power supply equipment, service and batteries.
Booth: 232
Stand-alone, fee-free, comprehensive, IoT Building Automation solutions.

Booth: 626
Hot taps, line stopping, pipe freezing,welding, leak repair.

Booth: 515
Manufacturer of Grippy Floormat.

Booth: 632
Experts at maximizing safety to mitigate risks in all industries.

Booth: 612
Hands-on training designed to maintain a safe and skilled workforce.

Booth: 431
Video surveillance, analytics & artificial intelligence software

Booth: 102
Water coolers & fountains, bottle fillers, dehumidifiers

Booth: 323
Flow meters and BTU meters.

Booth: 420
Orion's state-of-the-art LED fixtures and retrofits.

Booth: 412
Fire protection systems, design, interface, service.

Booth: 622
Waterproof Ceiling Tile, Waterproof Wall Panels, Wall Protection Systems.

Booth: 214
Air filtration and air intake protection products.

Booth: 331
Generator installation, service, maintenance & rental.

Booth: 433
We make sidewalks safe, our patented process makes ADA compliant sidewalks, eliminate trip hazards and saves you money.

Booth: 545
New ProFM™ Credential: Broaden Your Facility Management Knowledge & Skills.

Booth: 613
CMMS software: asset management, projects, work orders, PMs with mobile apps.

Booth: 617
Flood Doors and Flood Wall Barriers. Solutions that hold water.

Booth: 638
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Booth: 604
Pavement, roofing, snow removal and pipe inspections.

Booth: 539
Tools and electrical products. We specialize in reducing labor costs on the job with unique tools designed by Tradespeople.

Booth: 629
CeramiCircuit Radiant Electric Heating Panels.

Booth: 426
SureSeal Inline Floor Drain Trap Sealer is the green solution for replacing failed trap primers, quickly and easily solving drain problems.

Booth: 212
The ReechCraft PowerLift is secure, safe and portable, while still allowing personnel to access difficult-to-reach spaces.

Booth: 242
Leading the world in pest control innovation and brand protection.

Booth: 439
RIDGID manufacturers more than 300 innovative tools for the professional.

Booth: 536
Safe-T-Nose® photo-luminescent "Glow-in-the-dark" nosing and REVERSE™ photo-luminescent exit sign upgrade.

Booth: 206
A leading manufacturer of passive fall protection railing systems and related products for industrial, commercial applications.

Booth: 544
Leading National manufacturer of drain openers & bioenzyme drain cleaners.

Booth: 421
Continuous geared hinges for high traffic doors, new or retrofit.

Booth: 104
CCTV Surveillance experts.

Booth: 524
Facilities and engineering services, construction support services, environmental services, training/education.

Booth: 209
The Spartan Cube can immediately detect Legionella bacterial infection and allow decontamination before Legionella reaches dangerous levels.

Booth: 611
Parking lot maintenance.

Booth: 625
Automatic door service and installation.

Booth: 442
Flexible power distribution solutions.
Booth: 317
Steril-Aire UVGI (Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation) energy solutions.

Booth: 401
Sunbelt Rentals boasts the industry's largest collection of facilities maintenance equipment.

Booth: 100
Office furniture - cubicles, chairs, benching systems, desks, conference tables.

Booth: 607
Superior Water Conditioners that control scale and corrosion in water using equipment and related plumbing systems.

Booth: 306
Manufacturing high performance concrete protective coatings, sealers, and overlays.

Booth: 643
MOBILE workstations, benching systems, height adjustable stations, conference hubs.

Booth: 635
Flood protection Stormbags.

Booth: 313
Hand-held test, measurement and vibration equipment.

Booth: 228
Fully accredited commissioning, documentation, mechanical repair and testing software.
Booth: 427
Maintenance Management Software and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Booth: 639
Topaz offers the latest in commercial and residential LED Lighting products.

Booth: 217
ANSI Grade 1 Locks, Door Closers and Exit Devices.

Booth: 423
Integrating iOS & Android apps into your day-to-day saves you money.

Booth: 645
Industrial maintenance supplies, safety equipment and epoxy floor coatings and sealers.

Booth: 330
Electric Commercial Utility Vehicles.

Booth: 542
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, Facility Management.

Booth: 320
Aircare, Air Fresheners, Odor Control & Odor Solutions.

Booth: 526
Versico manufactures premium single-ply roofing systems.

Booth: 443
National services provider for fire sprinklers, fire alarm and security.

Booth: 636
Commercial & Industrial Door & Gate Service, Repair, and Replacement.

Booth: 614
Wagner Meters provides moisture measurement solutions for wood and concrete and building materials.

Booth: 416
Carpet maintenance products and systems; Green Seal certified chemistry.

Booth: 207
Lighting Controller for parking lot lights, outdoor lights and signs.
Booth: 609
Safety Stair and Walkaway Products.

Booth: 337
Energy Management Solution, Smart Thermostat.

Booth: 522
ZOLL® Medical Corp. provides AED and CPR products for organizations that accommodate or serve the public.