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Space Management - Strategies to optimize footprint and track occupancy

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10/30/2024 2:15:00 PM

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10/30/2024 3:15:00 PM

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Many FM professionals are tasked with managing their organizational footprint, but are often not aware of tools available. Managing office space deals with different challenges that require significant planning to ensure your facilities meet your organizational needs. Whether it is optimizing your space to get the most occupancy from the footprint to keeping track of who is sitting where, the best movers in this area typically look towards technology to best achieve their goals. We will discuss the following during this session: 1. Footprint optimization and current trends to squeeze the most out of your limited square footage - Should you shrink individual space to allow for growth? Eliminate 1:1 seating? Hoteling? What options for your organization best? 2. Occupancy management utilizing technologies to understand "who is sitting where" and "how are they using the space" - Tools to manage real-time occupancy - Technology to automate and provide self-service

1. Understand best methods for optimizing occupancy for your organization
2. Strategies for managing occupancy and potential growth
3. Technological tools to improve managing actual occupancy data (who is sitting where)
4. Lessons learned during implementation

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Champagne 3-4






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