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Facilities Management articles for the week of 10/1/2023 - 10/7/2023

Office Relocation: Fostering Collaboration and Culture

fter nearly 50 years at our past location, we moved offices to a modern and newly refurbished facility.

Read This » Military Veteran Finds Thriving Career in Facilities Management

acility managers know how to expect the unexpected, like the HVAC system going down when air temperatures reach record highs, or bad weather knocking out power for days, forcing a school to close or a hospital to transfer patients.  The best facility managers are praised for their ability to adapt to the inevitable adversity that comes with the job.

Read This » Choosing the Right Roof Coatings: Budget and Specifications

aintenance and engineering managers use roof coatings as either a permanent or temporary fix to protect components inside institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Modesto Transit Center Upgrade: Touchless, Hygienic Restrooms

he Modesto Transit Center is rolling with the changes — again.  Built in 1915 to serve railroad traffic in California’s Central Valley, the 3,560-square-foot facility eventually closed in the early 1970s, only to be restored as a regional bus terminal in 1993.

Read This » Balancing AI and Human Expertise in Facilities Management

rtificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a bit of a buzzword as developments for the technology become more accessible to the everyday user.  With widespread usage of AI platforms like ChatGPT, Google Bard AI, Amazon Codewhisperer and more, employees from various industries – facilities management included — have become concerned about their job security.   A study by the American Staffing Association found that 74 percent of U.S.

Read This » Turning Facility Data into Bottom-Line Benefits

uilding owners and managers have never had access to more data about facility systems, equipment and conditions.

Read This » Hot Water Technology Advancements: A Facility Manager's Guide

nstitutional and commercial facilities have witnessed significant advancements in hot water system technology over the past decade.

Read This » Will AI Take Your Job?

ill artificial intelligence (AI) take my job? The short answer to the headline’s ominous question is, “Who knows?” The longer answer is, “Who knows? Probably not.” But an alternative to worrying about AI’s impact on maintenance and engineering managers’ jobs might be to focus instead on a better question: How can AI help me do my job?   The challenge right now is figuring out exactly what artificial intelligence is and how it might apply to the duties and responsibilities of facility maintenance and engineering.  ChatGPT is the most prominent AI tool these days.

Read This » How to Perform a Complete Flush of a Building’s Water System

f you haven’t already tested your facility’s plumbing for lead in water, you likely will soon.

Read This » Post-Pandemic Commercial Real Estate: A New Era

ommercial office buildings sat empty in bustling downtowns such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles after the COVID-19 pandemic sent office workers home in March 2020.

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