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Facilities Management articles for the week of 10/18/2020 - 10/24/2020

What Does COVID-19 Mean for Restroom Upgrades?

The traditional driving factors behind restroom renovations have been water conservation, lower maintenance costs, improved accessibility, and improved hygiene.

Read This » In Journey to Diversity, Numbers Tell the Story for Facility Department

The numbers are impressive.

Read This » Cold-Weather Considerations: Preparing for Winter’s Worst

Safely removing snow and ice is one of the most critical aspects of grounds management, and a successful season starts well before the first snowflake falls.

Read This » Safety Must Be Key Consideration in Mower Selection

While mower selection understandably focuses on the financial and performance aspects of the equipment, managers also need to pay close attention to two issues that relate directly to the operators of the equipment – safety and ergonomics.

Read This » Case Study Shows HVAC Optimization Success

The operations team of a well-located office tower served by four built-up AHUs, each with a mixed-air chamber/plenum space in which return air is mixed with outside air for recirculation, and incorporating eight single-stage electric space heaters with a combined load of 1,296KW went about hunting for energy savings.    Analysis of AHU performance at varying ranges of outside air temperature revealed that plenum temperature could be maintained at 25 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, especially given that chilled-water coils employed a glycol mix for freeze protection.

Read This » How to Meet Maintenance Demands with Reduced Budgets

What other measures can managers implement to meet the many demands on their departments while dealing with tighter budgets? There are several ways to manage expectations without a loss of headcount – and one caveat. Here’s the caveat: Headcount reduction should be the last option.

Read This » A Warming World Needs Cool Roofing

The United States is getting warmer. That’s not just speculation.

Read This » How Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Augment Smart Grid, Energy Savings

Distributed energy resources (DER) are electricity-producing resources, energy storage, or controllable loads.

Read This » 3 Key Questions Managers Should Answer for Renting Generators

Front-line technicians in maintenance and engineering departments rely on a core arsenal of equipment and tools to complete many daily tasks throughout institutional and commercial facilities.

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