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Facilities Management articles for the week of 10/21/2018 - 10/27/2018

Passive House: Cost and Certification Considerations

Building owners might think that the requirements of Passive House certification will lead to significantly higher construction costs, but so far that hasn’t proven to be the case.

Read This » Access Control: Strategies and Tactics For Successful Upgrades

Effective control and monitoring of door locks serve a fundamental role in any organization’s safety and security plan.

Read This » Roof Coatings: How to Properly Prepare a Substrate for Application

Once a manager has specified a roof coating based on such factors as facility use, climate region, and overall project budget, technicians then can begin the process of coating application, which starts with comprehensive surface preparation. “Preparation is the most important aspect of a coatings job,” says Kurt Schwahn with Anvil Paints & Coating.

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Read This » Inspections, Education, Adjustments Can Help Solve Office Temperature Complaints

Location, location, location: When it comes to addressing thermal comfort issues, the next group of items involve location-based visual inspections (and as you can see, they are many): • Ensure that outdoor/ambient temperature sensors are not located in areas that receive intense sun or full shade.

Read This » WELL and Fitwel Rating Systems Focus on Health and Wellness Outcomes

Building on the popularity of LEED, purveyors of other programs are examining and quantifying the performance of an environment in terms of human outcomes.

Read This » Energy Efficiency Leads to Enhanced K-12 Learning Environment

Energy efficiency might have been a starting point for the Westerville City School District’s facility upgrades, but managers also realized that modernization and design had a large and direct impact on creating healthy and effective learning environments.

Read This » Project Management: Avoiding Failure

Needless to say, the scoping, estimating, and scheduling were not completely thought through.

Read This » Tips for Designing and Operating Solar Canopies

A well-designed and engineered system will eliminate most challenges and negative experiences following construction.

Read This » Specifying Power Tools That Improve Productivity

New-generation drills, drivers, and saws put more power, versatility and durability than ever in the hands of front-line technicians in institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Is the Passive House Standard Applicable to U.S. Climate Zones?

The original German standard generally performs well in most buildings located in drier, heating-dominated climates, but opinions differ on how well it is suited to the diverse U.S.

Read This » New Tools Help Optimize Building-Grid Interaction, Tackle Climate Change

Smart grid technology has made it possible for facility managers to see real-time pricing, and therefore to cut loads when prices are highest.

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