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Facilities Management articles for the week of 10/27/2019 - 11/2/2019

Rebranding Facilities Management Could Help Attract Young Talent

When experienced facility managers talk about the need to attract new talent to the field, it’s young people like Nicole Meyers that they have in mind.

Read This » Key Components of Fire Protection Systems

Fire-protection and life safety systems include building exit systems, fire-alarm systems, and fire-suppression systems.

Read This » 4 Factors Driving Healthcare Interior Planning

In healthcare, interior design has moved beyond just materials to consider elements like wayfinding, biophilia, natural light, and more.

Read This » Understanding Utility Vehicle Options

Once managers have investigated their options in general and gained a better understanding of department needs, the next step is to explore the features, functions and technology available that are available on new-generation utility vehicles. It is crucial to evaluate whether it is wise to purchase a model that is similar in capabilities and cost to the previous unit.

Read This » Critical Facilities Summit 2019 Buyers Guide A-H

ASCO Power Technologies has provided power reliability solutions for more than 125 years.

Read This » Critical Facilities Summit 2019 Buyers Guide I-P

PDU Cables is your #1 choice for prefabricated UL Listed branch circuit power distribution cable assemblies.

Read This » Critical Facilities Summit 2019 Buyers Guide Q-Z

Riello UPS Manufacturer of UPS and power quality solutions.

Read This » 4 Steps to Selecting High-Performance HVAC

High-performance design starts with the premise that each project is unique and demands a personalized analysis and approach.

Read This » Maintenance for UPS and Generators

Armed with a better understanding of the standby power system, managers and technicians next need to turn their attention to comprehensive preventive maintenance.

Read This » Commercial Office Upgrades: Cost Considerations

Someone else might set the budget, but it is up to managers to develop a realistic estimate of the renovation project’s costs.

Read This » Arc Flash Analysis: Three Key Steps for Building Owners

For commercial and institutional building owners, safety must be a top priority.

Read This » Specification Issues for Roof Coatings

Effective roof coating applications begin with specifying the most effective product.

Read This » How Retrocommissioning Leads to Long-Term Energy Efficiency

Retrocommissioning (RCx) in existing buildings is a process that aims to capture lost savings from inefficient building management practices.

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