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Facilities Management articles for the week of 10/28/2018 - 11/3/2018

Greenhouse Gas Inventory: How FMs Should Help

As climate change becomes a greater threat to facilities and the planet at large, it’s more important than ever for facility managers to contribute to their organizations’ climate mitigation strategies.

Read This » What Not To Miss At Greenbuild 2018 in Chicago

Greenbuild is the largest green building conference and expo experience in the world.

Read This » Access Control: Specification Based on Facility Needs

The overall challenge for managers planning upgrades to access control and security systems is matching the available door hardware and related products to the needs of the facility. Electricity to door hardware can be wired from remote or local low-voltage power supplies, from network cabling via power over ethernet (PoE), or by batteries.

Read This » Grounds Management: Spotlight on Sustainability

Higher education facilities have been heavily affected by sustainability.

Read This » Cybersecurity Risks Extend To Electric Grid

One reason that resilience has become such an important subject is that new hazards keep emerging.

Read This » 5G is Coming: Here's What FMs Need to Know

You’ve probably heard the term “5G,” but perhaps you dismissed it as yet another technology buzzword.

Read This » Good Stormwater Management: Key Component of Water Resilience

Stormwater management is a critical component of water resilience.

Read This » How Passive House Leads to Net-Zero Energy

Three years ago, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) built a 15,600-square-foot office building in Basalt, Colo., as a test bed for the new 2015+ PHIUS certification standards.

Read This » Eye on Energy: Routine Maintenance Can Improve Efficiency

The district’s front-line technicians have been key players in the upgrades, and they have been managers’ eyes and ears out in the field. “We meet with our maintenance and custodial teams frequently to discuss program improvements,” Lerose says.

Read This » Understanding Power Tool Features and Functions to Improve Efficiency

Managers specifying power tools for technicians might assume that tools are similar and likely to function about the same.

Read This » Oct 2018 Supplier Spotlight

  Continuous Hinge SELECT Hinges Electrified doors are notorious for failing.

Read This » Finding the Right Resources to Solve Too Hot/Too Cold Problems

What happens if simple fixes for too hot/too cold complaints don’t solve the problem? For example, those visual inspections may have identified bigger problems that just can’t be handled in-house.

Read This » Solar Canopies Case Study: Best Practices Revealed

Solar is a major contributor to the ongoing commitment of Hobbs Brook Management (HBM) to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility in its properties.

Read This » Big-Impact Health and Wellness Strategies

It can be easy to talk about well-being without pointing to specific examples, but as wellness and well-being become more integral parts of the workplace conversation, there are plenty of approachable implementation strategies and examples of human-centered design and operations. Specifying ergonomic furnishings increases movement, supports cognition and productivity, increases engagement, and cuts down on work-related health complaints.

Read This » Strategies and Tactics for Efficient Data Centers

Data centers provide mission-critical computing functions to the daily activities of institutional and commercial facilities.

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