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Facilities Management articles for the week of 10/8/2023 - 10/14/2023

LEED Lighting at the University of Missouri 

olleges and universities today are looking for sustainable facilities, and a number of them choose to participate in the U.S.

Read This » KPIs in Facility Management: Key to Data-Driven Decisions

nce owners and managers have gathered facility data and ensured its accuracy, the challenge turns to putting the most important data into a format that will support decision-making among executives and other interested parties.

Read This » Optimizing Roofing Investments with Coating Choices

anagers need to choose roof coatings by considering a variety of factors before making the best decision.   For example:  Facility goals: Once the decision to use a roof coating is determined as a viable option, the next step is determining the goals of the facility.

Read This » Occupant Safety is Every Facility Manager’s Responsibility

n any facility, the people that occupy the space need to be on the facilities teams’ mind.

Read This » How Roofing Code Changes Drive Innovation

oofing is an industry that has a reputation, however unfounded, for innovating slowly.

Read This » The 4 Stages of Emergency Preparedness

very cliché has a kernel of truth, but the truth in this one is more like a bomb: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Read This » Transforming Commercial Spaces for a Post-Pandemic Future

hile cities like San Francisco wrestle with how to fill their office space, commercial building owners across the country are also looking for ways to position their assets to succeed in an uncertain market post-pandemic.  One of the ways building owners are addressing change is by trying to evolve their properties into mixed-use developments by incorporating office spaces, retail, residential and even recreational areas into their buildings.  The possibilities for changing spaces are boundless, and a challenge that developers seem eager to tackle.

Read This » Team Success Secrets: Communication and Motivation Strategies

arlier this summer, my wife and I were sitting in our pool watching puffy clouds float by.

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