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Facilities Management articles for the week of 10/9/2022 - 10/15/2022

SoFi Stadium Uses Sustainable Grounds to Also Be a Year-Round Park

oFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, a near 300-acre sports and entertainment destination, worked with Studio MLA, a landscape architecture and urban design studio, to create a civic and environmentally conscious landscape across three key areas: water capture and reuse, the utilization of 100 percent Southern California-native plant species, and the continued development of public parks for year-round use.  The focus on sustainable landscape solutions and water conservation led to the creation of Lake Park, which functions as an open recreational space for the community and a novel water recycling system.

Read This » Supporting Maintenance Beyond Work Orders

o one said maintenance would be easy.  Day in and day out, maintenance and engineering managers and their staffs face complex challenges that range from supply-chain problems and tight budgets to growing workloads created by aging facilities and mounting pressure to adapt to and embrace new technology.  That’s hardly all.

Read This » 4 Steps to Mitigate Active Shooter Threats

ome of America’s recent high-profile tragedies once again underscore the connection between building design and keeping people — customers, staff, students, tenants — safe from harm should crisis strike.

Read This » Why Digital Tools are Key in Workforce Development and Retention

he skilled labor shortage is one of the biggest challenges facing the U.S.

Read This » The Benefits of Blue Roofs

ustainable building strategies that have emerged in the past two decades continue to lead to advancements in material technology, application methods, and design practices that consider the building's relationship with its physical and natural environment.

Read This » What to Expect from Restrooms Post-Pandemic

he evolution of restrooms in institutional and commercial facilities in the last decade – and especially the last three years – has been remarkable.

Read This » Introducing the Next Generation of Electric Utility Vehicles

rounds managers at institutional and commercial facilities have been researching, specifying and purchasing gasoline-powered utility vehicles for years, so they are well-versed in their key functions, features and applications.

Read This » Pandemic Produces Unprecedented Infection Control Practices

uring the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the nation for more than two years, safety and infection control was a major issue for facilities, as scientists and medical experts had differing opinions about how long the virus can live on surfaces.

Read This » Commercial Buildings Can Lead the Way to An All-Electric Future

Electrification of commercial buildings, such as office, educational, and retail facilities, has not seen the same momentum as in residential and apartment buildings.

Read This » Solution Center Helps FMs Learn from Peers

ne of the best assets a facility manager can possess is the willingness to learn from peers.

Read This » San Antonio Government Prioritizes Safety and Security in New Facility

n 2018, after a decade-long search, the city of San Antonio finally found a facility to centralize its government agencies when it secured a 15-floor downtown office tower built in the 1970s and formerly owned by Texas-based Frost Bank.

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