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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/10/2019 - 11/16/2019

How To Do Asset Management for Doors and Door Hardware

Doors and their associated hardware require more maintenance time and effort than almost any other building component.

Read This » How to Tackle 4 Challenges in Planning Smart Buildings

Most buildings today have some level of intelligence to them.

Read This » Maintenance: From Cost Center To Successful Investment

Workforce engagement is a key topic for institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Teamwork for Successful Commercial Office Upgrades

The time to assemble a project team for renovations of commercial office buildings is during the planning process, not once construction is ready to start.

Read This » How Resilient Are Your Facilities?

Few things are more challenging than long-term planning.

Read This » Active Shooters: The Role of Door Hardware

Active shooters were nearly unheard of as a threat to facilities at one time, but that time has passed.

Read This » Long-Term Strategic Plans Lead to Energy Efficiency Success

Bill Good has a history of doing right by students when it comes to overseeing facilities.

Read This » Is It Time to Replace or Revamp Your Access Control System?

There are many compelling reasons for replacing or upgrading an access control system.

Read This » Boilers and Water Heaters: Training Tactics

Most boiler and water heater manufacturers or their service organizations offer specific training for their equipment.

Read This » What Can the Building Internet of Things Do for FMs?

Today, facility managers don’t have to depend on residential grade IoT products to get new capabilities for their buildings.

Read This » Code Considerations for Effective Fire Protection

Fire-prevention codes require the proper maintenance of fire protection systems.

Read This » Utility Vehicles: Post-Purchase Issues

Purchasing a vehicle based on department needs available features is not the last step in making sure it delivers the intended benefits.

Read This » Is a VRF Right for Your Trading Floor Cooling Needs?

VRFs, or variable refrigerant flow systems, have been employed in buildings overseas since the 1980s, but have become a mainstay in the United States only in the last decade.

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