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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/1/2020 - 11/7/2020

Showing Your Work: How Maintenance Managers Contribute to Healthy Facilities

In my editorial last month, I suggested that amid the hardships and pain the COVID-19 pandemic has produced, maintenance and engineering managers should look for opportunities to help building occupants and the public better understand what their departments do and why that work matters in creating healthy workspaces. Now, the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) has delivered such an opportunity. UNLV students recently voiced concerns about the need for a student life facilities fee at a time when their access to campus facilities is limited due to the pandemic.

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When Christopher Dubose, facilities manager with HSA Commercial Real Estate, used to look out of his office window at the end of the day in downtown Chicago, he would see a sea of people rushing to Union Station for their commute home.

Read This » Going Beyond Green: The Evolution of Sustainability in a Post COVID-19 World

While COVID-19 has brought much despair, it’s also worth noticing the many new beginnings that the first half of 2020 has brought: Perhaps most notably are the glimpses of environmental repair and the renewed focus on health and wellness, both in the workplace and in the work-at-home environment.  Fresh water, cleaner air, and smog-free city skylines have all been a part of this reduced-activity era.

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There are people in this world who don’t know how to wear a face mask.

Read This » 3 Key Questions on Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Front-line technicians in maintenance and engineering departments rely on a core arsenal of equipment and tools to complete many daily tasks throughout institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Water-Use Audits Can Help Managers Focus on Upgrades

As prices rise for water and demand grows, water conservation continues to be a high priority in commercial and institutional facilities.

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