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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/17/2019 - 11/23/2019

What Is BACnet's Role in the Building Internet of Things?

What B-IoT solutions need is a secure path from their cloud into and out of the BAS.

Read This » Strategies and Tactics for Sustainable Grounds

Questions of sustainability have affected nearly every aspect of engineering and maintenance in commercial and institutional facilities.

Read This » Lighting Controls Upgrade Guidelines

Lighting controls can reduce lighting energy costs by up to 35 percent while offering maintenance and engineering managers additional capabilities for tuning light levels and brightness, controlling color, and generating data they can leverage for new operational efficiencies.

Read This » 4 Factors Driving Healthcare Interior Planning

In healthcare, interior design has moved beyond just materials to consider elements like wayfinding, biophilia, natural light, and more.

Read This » Safety and Security are Top Priorities at Des Moines Public Schools

Des Moines Public Schools installed backup electrical generation and uninterrupted power supply systems in August 2019, to protect the district’s hub-and-spoke network infrastructure.

Read This » Equipment Options To Expand the Maintenance Arsenal

Maintenance and engineering departments rely on a ready supply of tools, spare parts and equipment that are essential in performing inspections, repairs and maintenance.

Read This » Roofing Projects: Early-Phase Focus, Long-Term Success

The process of replacing or recovering an existing roof on a commercial or institutional facility involves decisions in a number of crucial areas.

Read This » How Does the Building Internet of Things Compare with Current BAS?

As facility managers evaluate their options for making buildings smarter, they should take a close look at how those B-IoT devices will communicate and share data. “B-IoT requires multi-vendor capabilities to maintain the customer-driven market for building automation,” says Bernhard Isler, who served on the IT working group that developed BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet S/C) and is systems architect at Siemens Switzerland Ltd., smart infrastructure, building products.

Read This » Understand the Pros and Cons of VRFs for Trading Floors

VRFs for a trading floor have pros and cons that deserve careful consideration.

Read This » Higher Education: HVAC Upgrades Drive Sustainability, Energy Efficiency

Upgrades and retrofits of higher education facilities have become increasingly popular strategies maintenance and engineering managers can use to minimize energy use and drive up energy savings along with facility performance.

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