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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/20/2022 - 11/26/2022

Designing a Post-COVID Office for the Future 

hile the pandemic upended traditional norms of working and living, it also served as a disruptor, presenting a new opportunity to re-imagine the workplace. Understanding that the pre-COVID office does not support the workstyle of the future, Oxford Properties tapped Boston-based firm SGA to create a space that provides what companies and individuals need from the workplace that the home does not provide: dynamic and flexible spaces that are safe, comfortable, adaptable and that foster a sense of community. Catering to a new era of office workers, SGA designed a speculative suite on the fourth floor of Oxford’s 22-story, LEED Gold certified office tower.

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hich aspects of a CMMS are the most important?   “KPI, KPI, KPI,” says Devin Brent Ellis, chief technology officer for CyberMetrics Corp., referring to key performance indicators.

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afety and security are tied closely to user perceptions of space.

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he candidates for tasks that mower, utility vehicle or tractor attachments can handle are tasks grounds crews do not do often.

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