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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/12/2020 - 1/18/2020

8 Threats That Could Disrupt Building Security

Disruption is a major issue for businesses today, whether responding to events that are already unfolding or scanning the horizon for disruptions that may be coming.

Read This » Norms, Goals and Priorities: Creating Buy-In for Maintenance

Most organizations operate using a pre-established set of cultural norms, strategic goals and operating priorities. Cultural norms are standards that members of the organization work by.

Read This » Specifying Utility Vehicles: Recipe for Success

Grounds departments in many institutional and commercial facilities more than ever rely on utility vehicles to keep landscapes healthy and attractive.

Read This » Assemble an All-Star Project Team to Achieve Sustainable HVAC

For the most sustainable HVAC system and the most predictable project outcomes, assemble a project team that will deploy analytics and modeling.

Read This » Smart Buildings Use Cases Show Many Benefits

The use cases for smart buildings are clouded in mystery, as most of them are presently only concepts yet to be implemented and proven.

Read This » Planning Paints and Coatings Applications That Deliver Benefits

Maintenance and engineering managers often take the process of specifying paints and coatings for granted.

Read This » Turning Software Problems into Solutions and Success

Many maintenance and engineering departments have deployed computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) with a variety of benefits in mind — improved technician productivity, more effective management of maintenance tasks, and lower operating costs, among them. Unfortunately, too few departments have maximized the CMMS investment, leaving the software underused and less beneficial than hoped for.

Read This » FM's Tenacity for Safety, Efficiency Brings Success

Bob Holesko uses his sense of humor to boost awareness of safety, as well as energy and water conservation.

Read This » Winter Roofing Hazards: Snow, Ponding, Freeze/Thaw

One element that can have a negative impact on roof assemblies is precipitation.

Read This » Equipment Training Options To Minimize Risk, Maximize Safety

Rental equipment — generators, lifts, and specialized tools, among them — have become essential tools for maintenance and engineering managers looking to supplement a department’s in-house arsenal of tools and equipment.

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