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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/28/2021 - 12/4/2021

Understanding Concrete Cracks: A Primer

Property management professionals know that their jobs are no joke.

Read This » Know These Common Culprits for Moisture Infiltration

Roofs on industrial buildings possess several challenges to building owners and facility managers, says John A.

Read This » Understanding Proposed Changes to NYC Elevator Code

Effective January 1, 2022, several changes to the NYC Building Code and the Elevator and Escalator Safety Code will impact the way elevators will be inspected and tested in the City of New York.  Most notably, the NYC Department of Buildings will no longer subcontract “Periodic Inspections” to what were previously known as “PVT Agencies," but rather the performance of these yearly vertical transportation inspections will become the responsibility of the building owner.   The following additions and/or changes to the NYC Building Code, Article 304 - Elevators and Conveying Systems are being adopted:    Inspections performed by private sub-contractors on behalf of the NYC DOB Elevator Division must now be performed by an approved elevator agency who is not affiliated with the agency performing the maintenance.

Read This » USGBC Enters New Chapter in Green Building

When the U.S.

Read This » Snow and Ice Management: Strategies to Prepare for Winter Operations

Shorter days, longer nights, and colder temperatures all signal the coming of winter.

Read This » Strategies to Ensure Emergency Lighting Performance and Compliance

Emergency lighting systems in institutional and commercial facilities can feel like an offensive line or a kicker in football.

Read This » Green Uprising: How Office Development Will Emerge from the Pandemic

Prior to COVID-19, 13.8 percent of all commercial office buildings in the largest 30 American cities were green certified, the highest percentage in U.S.

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