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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/14/2024 - 1/20/2024

Facility Condition Assessments Cut Risk, Increase Resiliency

he last couple of years have brought a fair share of unexpected weather.

Read This » Manager's Career Built on Responding to Change

nthony Harvey brought his experience in food service, construction and housing management to facilities maintenance, and the varied background has served him well.

Read This » Elevating Building Standards: Beyond COVID to IAQ Excellence

nstitutional and commercial facilities have been paying closer attention to improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read This » Is Interest in LEED Certification Declining?

s facility managers, especially if you’re in a healthcare setting, a crucial facet of the job is to ensure the well-being of people.

Read This » Setting the Stage for BIM

he emergence of building information modeling (BIM) 40 years ago offered the promise of integrating structured data from across many different disciplines into a digital model of a facility.

Read This » Restroom Renovations that Deliver Efficiency and Savings

estrooms are often overlooked in institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » 6 Steps to Conduct a Risk Assessment 

t’s the facility executive’s lament: There’s never enough funding to do everything that needs to be done, including managing events that could negatively impact the facilities.

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