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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/5/2023 - 11/11/2023

An Office That Supports Company Culture and Workflow

he design of new office space must support a company's culture and workflow, represent their brand, combine budget sensitivity with sustainability, and align goals for growth, productivity, and on-the-job satisfaction.

Read This » Madison Centralizes City Service with LEED Gold Fleet Building

ike most cities across the United States, Madison, Wisconsin, has a climate plan that includes achieving net-zero operation of city buildings by 2030 – seven years away.  Mahanth Joishy is serving on the front line of this challenge as the city’s fleet superintendent.

Read This » Cutting Operational Costs through All-Electric, High Performance Buildings

ollowing a summer of intense, global heatwaves, some are predicting 2023 to be the warmest year on record.

Read This » Strengthening Building Safety: Upgrading Life Safety Equipment for Modern Needs

here are a number of reasons a building may be ready for upgraded life safety equipment.

Read This » How COVID-19 Changed Facilities Management Forever

he COVID-19 pandemic changed many things for institutional and commercial facilities, from the design and layout of entrances and workspaces to ventilation practices and HVAC system settings.

Read This » The First 100 Days as a Facility Manager: What You Need to Know

hether a facility manager has been promoted or hired externally to lead the department, the first 100 days are a critical period.

Read This » Access Control Trends in Facility Security: What Managers Need to Know

he way maintenance and engineering managers handle access control and physical security in institutional and commercial facilities is undergoing significant changes.  Managers responsible for securing their facilities have to sort through a growing range of new technology offerings.

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