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Facilities Management articles for the week of 11/6/2022 - 11/12/2022

Improving Accessibility at an 80-year-old High School

ffingham Jr.

Read This » Testing Temperature Controls

One of the main complaints that a facility receives is what the temperature is.

Read This » Managing Rental Equipment Agreements

n the above example, management sees the job through to an economical and efficient completion with detailed preparation and tactics, as well as complete resources known and planned for in advance.

Read This » 5 Common Winter Roofing Mistakes

ldquo;It’s probably fine.” Those famous last words are the last thing a facility manager should assume when it comes to the roof.

Read This » Partnering With ESCOs Can Create Cost Savings

he type of project that managers want to take on depends on sustainability goals, but maximizing energy-savings as cost-effectively as possible takes time and resources.

Read This » More Students to Consider Enrolling at Sustainable Universities

his is part two of a two-part article.

Read This » Developing Goals within Facilities

nce managers and their teams have established alignment with the organization, the next phase is an unpacking process of developing goals, initiatives and metrics.

Read This » What Triggers a Fire and Life Safety Code Review?

esilient buildings are critical to society.

Read This » Occupants Are Back — Now FMs Need to Keep Them Healthy

he hybrid workplace.   If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, most people wouldn’t give those two words a second thought.

Read This » Plumbing Upgrades Fit for Sustainable Codes

he aging stock of institutional and commercial facilities nationwide presents maintenance and engineering managers with a host of complex challenges every day.

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