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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/20/2019 - 1/26/2019

5 Steps To Longer Roof Life

Roofing systems have a finite life expectancy that can vary widely depending on climate, exposure, material type, and installation.

Read This » Three Questions To Ask About Utility Vehicle Repairs

By reviewing the maintenance history of a utility vehicle, managers can provide important information necessary in making a repair-or-replace decision.

Read This » Drain Cleaning: Knowing Needs

Much more goes into a successful drain cleaning operation than selecting the most appropriate equipment.

Read This » Managing People, Managing Conflicts: Key FM Skills

Another key responsibility for most facility managers is managing employees and contractors.

Read This » Rising Demand Creates New Facility Priorities for Film Studios

As feature film production continues to diversify geographically, Los Angeles has developed into a hub for the production of television, made for TV, and direct (internet) distribution projects.

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