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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/21/2018 - 1/27/2018

HVAC: The Path to Reliability and Efficiency

Maintenance and engineering managers face a host of challenges related to the operation of HVAC systems in institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » HVAC: Achieving Upgrade Goals

The success of an HVAC system or component upgrade will depend as much, if not more so, on the specific details of the project as on its general goals and benefits.

Read This » HVAC: The ABCs of Upgrades

Air handler units (AHU) are the most likely component in an HVAC system to require a major upgrade or replacement.

Read This » Is A Legacy Data Center Worth Upgrading?

As demand for computing capacity increases and the existing data center ages, an organization has to decide on the next step.

Read This » Tips For Doing a Data Center Upgrade

Data center upgrades also have to keep the system running for end users, which is extra challenging if the data center wasn’t designed for maintenance, says Battish.  “It’s not easy,” Battish says.

Read This » 5 Questions To Ask When Considering Upgrading a Legacy Data Center

A key step in deciding whether to upgrade an existing data center or to move to a new data center, a colo, or the cloud is to take a close look at the legacy data center.

Read This » 7x24 Exchange Develops STEM Initiative

As members of the Baby Boom generation move into retirement, the logical question is, who will take their place? That question is important across the facility field.

Read This » Understanding Lighting Codes and Standards

Upgrades to lighting systems and their controllability typically result in the quickest realized energy paybacks for institutional and commercial facilities as it relates to upgrades.

Read This » How LEED Affects Lighting Upgrades

The LEED rating system has seen significant changes between LEED v3.0 and LEED v4.0, with the systems relying on ASHRAE 90.1-2007 and ASHRAE 90.1-2010, respectively. For New Construction and Core and Shell projects — where LEED compliance requires an energy model — the model is based on the respective energy code requirements.

Read This » Taking the Extra Step in a Lighting System Upgrade

California continues to lead the way with the adoption of Title 24 into its energy code.

Read This » Lighting Upgrades: Code Considerations

As maintenance and engineering managers contemplate lighting controls upgrades in institutional and commercial facilities, they need to be aware of the code and standard considerations the affect project planning and product specification.

Read This » How To Optimize a BAS To Improve Efficiency

The building automation system is unquestionably important in achieving energy savings.

Read This » Existing Building Commissioning: Analyzing and Improving BAS Performance

The optimization process begins with investigating, analyzing, and improving performance of the existing BAS — in other words, the same commissioning process completed when the BAS was first installed.

Read This » BAS Optimization Combines Human Expertise, Automation

Human-based and automation-based optimization complement each other.  Some optimization measures can be completed by facility staff, “if they have the training and abilities,” notes Pabst.

Read This » 10 Ways BAS Optimization Improves Performance, Efficiency

Experts point to 10 ways BAS optimization improves performance Common corrections include simple steps: 1.

Read This » With Data Centers, Mixed Picture on Energy Efficiency Best Practices

Energy efficiency has long been a major concern for data center facility managers.

Read This » Survey: What Energy Efficiency Measures Are New and Existing Data Centers Using?

Here are the results of the Building Operating Management Data Center Energy Efficiency Survey 2017. Respondents = 133 1.

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