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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/1/2019 - 12/7/2019

How to Choose the Proper Metal Building Enclosure System

Choosing the proper metal building enclosure system can have a major impact on a building.

Read This » Sustainable Grounds: Spotlight on Mulching and Recycling

It is the common practice for facilities to discard landscape waste even though they could reuse most of the materials.

Read This » Understanding Applications for Lighting Controls Upgrades

Besides knowing where to install lighting controls, managers also need to be aware of four application principles: the size of the load connected to the device or system,  the location of the input sensor, the location of the lighting controller for the output, and the system’s programmability and communications capabilities.When discussing sizing the load per controller, the issue is control zoning, which is defined as one or more lights controlled in unison by one controller or controller output.

Read This » Lift Rental Expands the Reach of Maintenance

The first issue in selecting a MEWP is the unit’s purpose.

Read This » Does Your Fire Alarm System Need an Upgrade or Replacement?

There are many reasons that a fire alarm system might need to be replaced.

Read This » 5 Tips for Selecting LEDs

For facility executives seeking a high ROI option to cut energy bills and carbon footprints, deploying LED (light emitting diode) lighting technology would be hard to beat.

Read This » Understanding System Specifics To Ensure Successful HVAC Upgrades

The primary goal of many upgrades and renovations to higher education facilities is to increase overall energy efficiency.

Read This » Understanding Roof Warranty Issues Before Upgrades

Manufacturers’ special warranties are essential considerations in project specifications as per the original design intent of the project.

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