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Facilities Management articles for the week of 1/21/2024 - 1/27/2024

The Case for Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

lectric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) are becoming increasingly necessary as electric vehicles become more widely adopted.

Read This » BIM and the Facility Manager’s Role

ne crucial element in the implementation process for building information modeling software (BIM) is defining managers’ expectations of BIM, as well as the actions they can take to ensure a smooth implementation.

Read This » 2024 HVAC Trends: Sustainability, Filtration, and Future Innovations

ustainability remains a top priority for managers.   “In 2024, several regulations will impact HVAC systems, reflecting an increasing global commitment to sustainability,” says Curd.

Read This » The Case for Stucco: Learning from Failures, Planning for Success

tucco is one of the oldest natural types of cladding systems around, dating back to ancient Greece.

Read This » Window of Opportunity Opens for Recyclable Roofing

t’s a bit more complicated than tossing a soda can into a big green trash receptacle.

Read This » Adapting to Climate Change: For Facilities, the Heat is On

avid DeQuattro doesn’t need reams of climate data to tell him that things are much different now.   In early January, he needed only a calendar as he looked out the window of his office in Providence, Rhode Island, at the first snowstorm of winter — which was also the first in two years.  “Typically, the first winter snowstorm in New England was before Thanksgiving,” says DeQuattro, managing principal of RGB Architects, one of the leading architecture, interior design and project management firms in the Northeast for the past 80 years.  The subject for discussion was the relentless march of climate change and how institutional and commercial facilities are adapting to it.

Read This » Facilities as Assets: Aligning Maintenance for Long-Term Success

n the built environment, there are many different types of buildings where occupants work, play and stay.

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