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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/20/2020 - 12/26/2020

Health and Wellness Will Be the New Normal of Office Buildings

Will this place make me sick? That’ll be the question on the minds of anxious occupants as they begin returning to offices.

Read This » Understanding Advanced Filtration in Air Handling Units

Viruses vary in size.

Read This » Safe at Work: Creating Healthy Workplaces During Coronavirus Pandemic

These are unprecedented times.

Read This » How to Optimize Roof Performance with Timely Repairs

Fall weather got a little strange in some parts of the country, and with everything else that’s been going on, the roof preventive maintenance might have slipped down the schedule.

Read This » 6 Facility Strategies to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

While it is too early to fully measure the global impact of the coronavirus, it is safe to assume that how facilities conduct day-to-day business will change.

Read This » Considerations for Using Prefabrication in Healthcare Construction

COVID-19 has created a litany of challenges for many industries, especially construction.

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