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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/2/2018 - 12/8/2018

6 Steps To Get Funding for Security Upgrades

Security projects are typically not very sexy.

Read This » PPE: Performance and Comfort

OSHA lists the general procedure for PPE selection.

Read This » Grounds: The Graffiti Battle

Along with K-12 public schools, public parks face a rash of security issues, including the ongoing battle with graffiti. “Graffiti is often used out here as an art form, and some of them are gang-related, whether it’s restrooms or barrier walls,” Dobbs says.

Read This » What Facilities Managers Need To Know About Onsite Power

Onsite power generation has been used in some form since the beginning of electrification, for prime power and for utility grid backup, from small, dedicated applications to entire buildings and campuses (micro-grids).

Read This » Is It Time For A Facilities Management Staff Check-Up?

The focused facility manager concentrates on keeping pace with corporate directives and meeting performance metrics.

Read This » Boilers: Condensing Considerations

In conventional boilers, hot gasses produced by combustion pass through the boiler’s heat exchanger and exhaust to the atmosphere.

Read This » Knowing When To Perform Roof Inspections

Managers need to keep track of four annual milestones that are critically important to the success of any roof inspection program.

Read This » 4 Questions Help Facility Managers Select Green Products

It’s dependable advice: Create green product standards based on the overall priorities of the organization.

Read This » Progress Has Been Made on Climate Change, But More Is Needed

As many facility managers know by now, the Energy Star scores for most buildings dropped when the program plugged in newly available national data on average facility energy performance.

Read This » Deferred Maintenance: Setting Priorities

With that many facilities over that much space needing so much attention, Steiger and his team faced the task of fully assessing upgrade needs and determining priorities, given their limited resources.

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