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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/31/2017 - 1/6/2018

How to Retrocommission HVAC Systems

Energy efficiency remains a top priority for most institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Retrocommissioning: Gathering Available Building Data

The next step in the retrocommissioning process is to gather all available data on the building, its systems and components, and the materials that make it up.

Read This » Retrocommissioning: Bottom-line Benefits

One project I performed demonstrates the types of bottom-line benefits that managers can generate for their organizations through the retrocommissioning process.

Read This » Retrocommissioning: Finding Energy Waste

The retrocommissioning process gives inspectors, along with maintenance and engineering managers, the ability to investigate all areas, activities and processes within institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Lessons Learned At The World's Most Sustainable Airport

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has been on a decade-long mission to be the best and most sustainable airport in the world.

Read This » Sustainable Goals: Biophilic Design, Reduction of Carbon Footprint

There has been a shift from thinking purely about the environmental impact of the building industry to a desire to understand how the built environment affects occupants’  health and well-being.

Read This » Product Selection Criteria: Performance Transparency, Sustainable Materials

To date, much of the conversation about sustainable materials has focused on conservation of resources, but to ensure that the materials used do not cause harm to humans, it pays to dig a little deeper into what lies beneath the surface.

Read This » Is A Smart Building Certification On The Way?

The launch of a building certification program can be powerful driver for change.

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