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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/3/2023 - 12/9/2023

Flooring a Centerpiece of University Renovation 

ll education facilities, from K-12 school districts to universities, strive to create an environment in which students can learn and flourish.

Read This » Community Colleges May be Hot Spots for New Hires

he current facilities management industry is made up of older employees, and as more employees reach retirement age, higher education institutions may be the perfect place to find new candidates.  Community colleges and universities, across the nation, offer facilities management classes and programs to give students the skills they need to pursue careers in the industry.

Read This » Electric HVAC Systems Play Key Role in Decarbonization Playbook

ichael Psihoules’ first presentation on electrification to a group of HVAC distributors was about five years ago.

Read This » The Facility Manager's Role in Cybersecurity

n today's interconnected world, where technology plays a pivotal role in managing and maintaining facilities, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated.

Read This » Mass Masonry: Adapting Historic Buildings for the Next Generation

ndustrial buildings of the late 1800s and early 1900s typically featured solid masonry known as mass wall construction, and they were designed and constructed with water-shedding and storage properties so the building structure and finishes could accommodate drying the building enclosure to the exterior and interior.

Read This » Overcoming Facility Staffing Struggles with Innovative Hiring Strategies

t our recent NFMT Remix conference in Orlando, I hosted two small-group “Huddle” sessions centered around staffing struggles.

Read This » For Data Center Construction, Location Matters

he world is in the middle of a data center explosion as access to digital information becomes increasingly essential for every business and industry.

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