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Facilities Management articles for the week of 12/6/2020 - 12/12/2020

Resilience Rating Systems Give Guidance

One of the most important benefits of a building rating system is the ability to enable benefit-cost and return on investment studies when evaluating retrofit and mitigation options in existing buildings.  Giving building owners, tenants, lenders, insurers, government jurisdictions, and other stakeholders reliable information on the performance of their buildings, rating systems for buildings allow for actionable and informed decisions about purchasing, leasing, refinancing, and insuring buildings, and support development of long-term strategic risk and resilience management solutions. The U.S.

Read This » 3 Roofing Trouble Spots and How to Prevent Them

Roofing systems on institutional and commercial facilities are typically an afterthought for building occupants – until the roof leaks, that is.

Read This » How Renewable Energy Contributes to Organization's Green Goals

It is a relatively rare commercial facility that can meet all of its power needs with on-site renewable energy generation.

Read This » Considerations for Successful Hands-Free Door Implementation

We have all been in a situation where there was a door we absolutely did not want to touch.

Read This » Diversity: Another Way for Facility Managers to Add Value

The facility management agenda is crowded with practical, often pressing, concerns about building systems, tight budgets, deadlines, and legal obligations.

Read This » Coronavirus Leaves Commercial Offices in Holding Pattern

When Christopher Dubose, facilities manager with HSA Commercial Real Estate, used to look out of his office window at the end of the day in downtown Chicago, he would see a sea of people rushing to Union Station for their commute home.

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